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  1. Gerry's interview with Brown is very gruntling. Doesn't sound like LSU is even a thought anymore.
  2. Changing the lineup everyday is a good sign that this team is shitty.
  3. What is hilarious is Elko hired an OL coach that was a fixture of the hashing problems at Northwestern and hasn't really been all that great.
  4. I love the Astros commitment to their AAAA squad.
  5. His crazy eyes give me the vibe he is lying.
  6. He actually traded for Dubon, but also got Montero along in the Graveman deal and brought in Stanek and Neris in FA. Click was a very good GM, because he did something Luhnow never really did, prioritized building an excellent bullpen. The real reason we won the 2022 WS. Click was also stupidly vetoed on traded fucking Jose Urquidy for Contreras, and then we had to reach for Vazuqez and it cost us 1 player that would be on our 26 man roster right now that is currently carrying a .800+ OPS and actually has a strong OF arm.
  7. I would love to see what Loperfido, Leon, Wagner, Bastidas, and Whitcomb could do, unforunately we are promoting Cabbage, Hummel, Amaya, Kessinger, and Salazar instead to go along with Singleton.
  8. I am laughing at any team that gives Bregman that deal.
  9. It has been reported that private donors executed the deal, had nothing to do with KSU's NIL fund.
  10. They mentioned on the radio broadcast he was attacking more inside to set up his slider.
  11. 5th staright QS for Hunter Brown. 2-1, 31 IP, 18 Hs, 8 BBs, 33 Ks, 1.74 era, 3.09 fip, < 1.0 whip. He's pitching his ass off, showing that he's a upper tier middle of the rotation starter.
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