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  1. Gerry said we will reach out, but he was a Beard/Maligi guy.
  2. Gerry and another IT insider have said that the Rice guard (Quincy Olivari) that lit us up will choose Texas if we pursue.
  3. Gerry and others are reporting it is 5 for $3M, with plenty of incentives to drive up the yearly salary.
  4. Would never happen considering the owner and his association with Sampson.
  5. Likely a poor choice of words, but I look at the ROI the Miami NIL guys got. It was out of the park, which means they are going to give more. If Texas did pay Disu, and he got injured again at a critical juncture of the season, it could be a full me twice scenario. I hope he returns, he is a huge weapon to have when you need a bucket. I don't think Texas goes cold during that stretch when Miami took the lead with Disu going Flotation Station. But injuries to Disu, Carr, and Rice killed us in that last part of the game.
  6. 3 for 5 is not some huge hinderance if he flops. At most, he's getting 3 or 4 years. That means the buyout would be $6M or below. Just don't extend him until year 3 or 4, unless he wins the NC in the 1st 3 years. No more, he lost to Northen Iowa on a half court heave so let's extend him bullshit.
  7. He would ideally be Allen's replacement with the ability to stretch the floor, but maybe not as much creation game.
  8. The only question I have about Disu and NIL, would the money be there for a guy that can't stay healthy. This is going on 3 straight seasons where his health has been a major issue. At some point, the NIL guys will want to see a positive ROI, and Disu can't deliver it right now.
  9. SSS, Julks has routinely been .080+ between his average and obp in the minors. That is very good, elite is usually in the .100+ range.
  10. Gerry said that Texas would pursue SS Seth Lundy should he enter the portal. Perfect wing for what Texas wants to do both offensively and defensively.
  11. Yes, this is the type of guy Texas needs. Can be a rim runner and rim protector, but he will want to start since he played behind Dante and Bittle last year.
  12. Disu would be betting on himself if he declared. He should go through the process to get feedback. I suspect Hunter, Mitchell, and Morris to do it as well.
  13. He can't stay healthy. Might as well try to make money now instead of coming back and getting hurt again.
  14. The Astros and Rockets will buy it up, as they still have contracts with 3 major carriers until 2032. David Barron doesn't believe the Astros/Rockets will offer a streaming deal because they wouldn't make enough money off of it, but I don't see how they can sit still when people are leaving cable behind. Supposedly it was at 1.5M subs between the Big 3 when it launched and was down to under 900K when they decided to pull the plug. I think that was just the local TV sets that were paying $6 a month to AT&T.
  15. Yeah, the Atlanta way was a much quicker path to the majors. I think we will see Gilbert at some point this season if he stays healthy and produces.
  16. I don't know the Longhorn baseball team seems to be riding the momentum of beating a lot of shitty teams into an opening Big 12 sweep over #14 Tech. Hopefully they have turned the corner, the offense is starting to take off and outside of a few bad innings, Williams has done an excellent job with the pitching staff.
  17. Meyers has been outplayed by every other OF in Florida, but somehow this fuckstick will make the roster.
  18. Thanks. I just never considered that the Thunder would have a better pick than the Clippers. I will go back to my crying over the 2H officiating of our game.
  19. San Diego State plays some mother fucking defense.
  20. Bishop and Cunningham are the guys that foul the most. This is a game where we need Cunnigham to hit 2 or 3 3's.
  21. This is what I don't understand about it. This isn't a run at some other job, he's doing it at Texas. We don't have to guess what he would do if he was coaching at Texas, because he is showing us. Of course, this run matters, because he's doing it here.
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