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  1. His fumble against TCU was also less than ideal, but he played at Carthage and not North Shore.
  2. Fuck Joe Espada, benching Loperfido for Singleton/McCormick. This is the same as Dusty not playing Diaz. Just fucking no clue.
  3. Jose Urquidy had a 5+ era last year, to think he was magically going to come back and pitch better than that is fan faction. The Astros are better served long term with Brown and Arighetti learning how to pitch at the MLB level. Still can't believe some of you guys think that Crane/Dusty vetoing him for Contreras was a good move considering we flipped Wilyer Abreu for 108 Vazquez PAs.
  4. Tarp is obtuse if he thinks ESPN would be at this game if it some shitty G5 school that aggy normally plays. The only reason they are this game is because it's Notre Dame, similar to when we played them to start the season and they moved it specfically to Sunday prime time. Of course, Texas/Notre Dame is a ratings bonaza.
  5. The one where Pierece is getting fired because he's a shit coach that has run the program into the ground. But continue to wax poetic about a 3-6 CWS record including a game with 21 Ks and consistent pitching staff mismanagement.
  6. Nah, ND is going to rip them a new one and set the season up for a 7-5 type performance.
  7. I took a lot of shit for stating Pierce was over his head after his 1st CWS appearence. Seems to be a lot of people on that bus now.
  8. Now that he's a 5-star it will make his eventual decommit even better once he sees that offense in action.
  9. The lineup today was shit as such the runs scored was shit. Bregman should never bat clean up again for this team. Sitting Loperfido was the entire Angels series was a stupid decision, but that should be expected because he have a retard as a manager. This team isn’t serious about making the playoffs right now. Altuve is a month long funk and no one can see that trying to pull everything is stupid. Meyers continues to be a disaster on the base paths. Why did we rush up McCormick to the big league club when he currently has no defined role on the team, especially with Espada playing Dubon so much in the OF, when Dubon should be taking PAs away from Bregman and Altuve. If Espada had any ballls, he drop both Altuve and Bregman in the lineup. Tucker, Peña, Alvarez, Meyers, Singleton, Altuve, Bregman, Diaz/Caratini, Lopefido/McCormick.
  10. Choke up and put the ball in play, Stop swinging from your fucking shoes.
  11. Why the fuck is he not bunting? Espada doesn’t have the balls to call it. Just fucking pathetic.
  12. Knowing the Astros, Alvarez would line the pitch off his head. This team plays selfish baseball.
  13. It’s amazing how stupid modern baseball managers are. B9, scored tied, lead off double and you don’t fucking bunt the runner to 3rd. Just fucking amazing how stupid Espada is at managing games. Altuve needs a few days off, and he shouldn’t be the lead off hitter anymore. This slump is so fucking predictable because his approach is shit.
  14. You think Yanier told Schanuel he was throwing the deuce?
  15. Tech missed out on a slew of guys that would take a part of the NIL pie, including several to Texas Texas had to use NIL on Johnson, Codie, and the 5 portal players we have already signed. Gerry speculates that Tech has offered Toppin over $1.2M, which is more than what he would get on a two-way NBA contract. That is also more than what Tre Johnson got and Texas isn't willing to go over that number for a guy that isn't a sure fire lottery pick like Tre will be. Just like Sarkisian with the football NIL, you have to be smart how you allocate it. Tech is being stupid and desperate.
  16. Just happy that Red will not be able to fuck up easy TDs on the opening kickoff against OU anymore. 10 Sooners on the same side of the field as Red, Worthy running wide fucking open to the other side of the field with likely only the kicker to beat.
  17. This team really enjoys stepping on their own dicks, and just when you think they are done they decide to do it again.
  18. Astros signed Eric Lauer to a contract today and assigned him to AAA. He was awful last year, but was really good in both 2021 and 2022 for the Brewers posting a ERA+ of 130 and 109 respectively. He has opt out dates in his contract if he's still in the minors, but definitely gives the Astros some potential rotational depth. His career ERA+ of 95 would currently match Verlander and be the 4th best of the starters on the team. If he hits then you could move Arrighetti or Brown into the bullpen and be able to trade a guy like Pressly.
  19. Pre-2022 Baseball America - #72 Baseball Propectus - #16 - they were all over him for 3 seasons. FG had his FV at 55 - Above average regular 2.5 to 3.3 WAR, which is where his WAR has been the 1st 2 seasons, with this year being more closer to 60 because he's likely an AS if he keeps hitting. So, Pena was properly rated as a prospect.
  20. Gerry said he likely ends up on defense in college, but may not start there. Also said, that Oregon leads big.
  21. Well, they would be doing some heavy lifting considering we are currently 1st in least amount of Ks.
  22. This team is full of guys that weren't broadly regarded prospects in Altuve, Diaz, Framber, Javier, McCormick, Meyers, B. Abreu, etc.
  23. Can we please stop using Dubon in the OF now. Loperfido/Chas = LF Meyers = CF Tucker = RF Alvarez = DH Dubon be used on the IF to give Bregman, Altuve, and Pena in that order days off. Play him 2-3 times a week when you have a long stretch of games in a row. I am guessing they will bring Abreu back for a platoon with Singleton, but they are going to jack up the chemistry of the team to do it. Fuck Jeff Bagwell, which is the sentiment I heard plenty on the radio during the drive in to work this morning.
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