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  1. More like a way to not invite my wife's 10,000 cousins without upsetting anyone
  2. We got married in a national park and found a couple of hikers to sign as witnesses in the parking lot. Free
  3. Thinking more about this thread and my favorite Spanish music might just be a random Norteno band getting out of a van somewhere in Texas right now about to play a quince in front of 300 people with a shit ton of chile rojo and Modelo.
  4. God I'm ready for Copa America
  5. In newer music, taking the state by storm from the Valley is Grupo Frontero. Anyone that follows Spanish language music will know them by now, but our tickets to see them at AT&T Center in August were >$200 for upper level seats.
  6. Probably the best music video of all time Will be seeing them in August.
  7. I love how we've begun to influence soccer as a proper soccer nation. If you noticed in the last 3 minutes England has switched to the GGG (and Austin FC) tactic of lazily passing the ball back to the keeper.
  8. I wish Tyrone Mings was healthy
  9. Short of a match vs Mexico, I almost always cheer against England but fuck Serbia.
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