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  1. What I get for posting videos when my phone is on silent.
  2. Well shit, I'll slam a green been casserole. Maybe I should join the church.
  3. For those that aren't history sickos. He's leaning into this vibe from JFK which is the right feeling that Kamala needs to chase.
  4. 135 Prime, had my wedding reception there though so it most be nostalgia playing a factor.
  5. I expected more, but it was fine overall. Honestly our "fine dining" place here in Waco is more like Supper than real fine dining and we like it better than Supper. We prefer Southerleigh and Botika, but we did like it better than Boiler House. We need to give Boiler House another shot.
  6. I hate how lead and bouldering are combined and really just want to watch the bouldering comp. Both the Bouldering/Lead and Speed climbing start on the 5th and will finish by the 8th. Hopefully Natalie and Brooke kick some ass. I'll watch the speed climbing but generally don't care about it. I believe Alex Hannold is going to do some commenting as he practiced some at Salt Lake City earlier in the year and was pretty fun to listen to as usual.
  7. So our sewage line apparently busted and clogged up late last night and can only be cleared through the clear out line from the roof which of course the plumber won't do because it's the only rain that we've ever had in Texas in late July. It's officially never going to stop raining, so I hope y'all are happy with my sacrifice.
  8. "The Party of Lincoln" is going to be in for one hell of surprise to see how Lincoln came to be the Republican nominee. I'm sure they'll admit their argument is ahistorical and recant any minute now.
  9. No way Jr easily replaces Trump as the party leader when he croaks. It'll be an old school free for all and he isn't his dad.
  10. Had us a nice couple days in SA last week and hit up La Fonda (again), Taquitos West Ave, Supper, and Southerleigh (again). Not a bad couple days of eatin'
  11. I'm younger than you but I remember watching Peyton playing Tennessee as a kid vs Florida on the projector as I pestered my parents for quarters to play more Primal Rage.
  12. Seems like instead of searching for something like Harris or gambling on her we're instead [checks notes] giving up. Bold strategy
  13. I grew up on Gattis and love it to this day. I took my wife to one 3 or 4 years ago and she thought it was CiCi's level. Surely she's wrong and my nostalgia is correct.
  14. No way, sure you get a couple loons going after Dems politicians and it starts looking like 68 out here, but the R politicians themselves shrug and run on continuing on Trump's legacy while privately being happy he's dead
  15. He'll get a book deal and better committee assignment out of it.
  16. Yeah @immamac knew how it was going to go but he still had to try. I'm sure plenty of us are just not saying what we want to say out of respect to him. Sure as hell ain't out of respect for Trump.
  17. Tell that to the 17 year old me desperately searching for any alcohol or weed I could find.
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