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    USMNT 2023

    I'm excited to see Kazakhstan, Gibraltar, Venezuela, Bolivia, Gabon, Botswana, Laos, and Indonesia
  2. Anyone watch this shit? It's an AI generated cartoon based on Seinfeld that's always on with new content. It isn't funny or all that coherent, but the idea is crazy interesting if someone can get it right in the future. https://www.twitch.tv/watchmeforever
  3. This thread looks awfully nice right about now.
  4. SimonBolivar


    Ah, good to be back
  5. Yall leave Willy Loman alone [see I learned that reference getting my fancy degree, or more likely Seinfeld]
  6. Fake news, rum suppositories would be the first thing to go in any apocalyptic scenario.
  7. This is no good, exact wrong spot for freezing rain.
  8. SimonBolivar

    USMNT 2023

    "Oh he must watch La 2" works with a certain subset of educated women...or could be that I'm blue-eyed with an American passport lulz
  9. SimonBolivar

    USMNT 2023

    Like you've never used vosotros with a lisp after a couple of drinks to impress a campesina.
  10. Awesome stuff, I haven't been able to watch but what kind of squad did United throw out? A team? They've been on fire lately.
  11. God, how long does it take to drown if you don't struggle?
  12. The inexorable march of time that will hopefully capture fewer and fewer percentages of olds.
  13. Fat white American evangelical women in their late 50s. Come on man that was an easy one.
  14. Lol this is non Houston-DFW-Austin-San Antonio Texas man. It was met with boisterous applause and demographically-diverse charities sounds like some liberal bull to me.
  15. Best part was the old CEO never paid and nobody ever said shit to him, but a poor part-timer making $15/hr that started last week was fresh meat. My favorite story with him was Christmas time when the CEO's assistant came around asking for donations to give the CEO a Christmas gift. My first year I thought it was a joke, but sure enough it was real. Man I'm glad that asshole retired.
  16. No pressure to do it at all, but there are plenty of Nazis who are all about making sure the donation is in if you do wear jeans.
  17. My company put up to a vote on Teams for what we'll donate our $5/month to wear jeans charity for this year as it's been Relay for Life for a decade or two. Of course doing it on Teams where every Karen in the company spends 6 hours a day pretending it's facebook means that we are now donating to....Care-Net...yay. Guess no jeans for me for the next decade.
  18. If I go back in there without any food...there's gonna be trouble.
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