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  1. This right here. Hot dogs are good eating and if you're too good for some tripe, head, asshole, or whatever then I don't want you hanging around me.
  2. Is today the last 100 degree day for 2022? I doubt it but at least we'll get a break for a week.
  3. It really isn't, unless you also tell people you're having BBQ in Texas then show up with just pulled pork. Both ways end up with a lot of disappointed people.
  4. Can you imagine how lit New York Stadium is going to be next year when Renaldo and ManU head in to play Rotherham? Championship football!
  5. Poop and it's super weird to cheer for Leeds.
  6. Looks like Rodrigo is good at fucking up the play today.
  7. 95 degrees so time for the Americans to feast.
  8. Is the SBC still bleeding membership every year?
  9. J6ers deserve due process? Is that not what they're getting in courtrooms all across America right now?
  10. Still support him? They've been begging for it for 40 years.
  11. Deep down he knows, but he'll never admit it to himself.
  12. I hope the judge gives Trump's lawyers 48 hours to respond before moving to Phase 2 and releasing the warrant.
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