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  1. Is he historically literate enough to mention FDR and the need to revert the law or would it just be uneducated dictator response? I'd assume the latter, but the most shocking thing would be if he said he agreed with the two term 8-year limit. I can't imagine that coming out of his mouth.
  2. Remind me never to go to Milwaukee with @Al_4_ISU. First you visit in February and now in mid-December.
  3. Chewy are better than regular but the regular last longer. Of course, the only reason to buy either variant of Spree is because the store is out of Sweetarts for some reason.
  4. Guyana is CONCACAF so Brazil will probably be cool with it.
  5. Damn I could have sworn that he died in 2021 or 2022
  6. You aren't even counting the Normangee market with non-former Texas Aggies (or whatever stupid thing their alums are called to avoid being normal) boycotting. It's going to bring the industry to its knees.
  7. Counting is hard work, it's easier just to report a number and go home.
  8. That video pretty much sums up everything about the United States in 2023. Some future historian will think they've hit the jackpot when they find it in 100 years.
  9. Oh, I'm sure MTG will have a comprehensive plan for allowing immigrants into the country to fill thes.....I can't even finish the sentence.
  10. I thought this said slackers at first and I was left wondering what I had done.
  11. Ah yeah we have a tiny long hair that doesn't shed much so we can run it all over the kitchen, dining, and living room and it won't fill up in a day.
  12. Am I the only one who prefers that my robot doesn't self-empty? I, sadly, enjoy opening it up after it runs and seeing how well it did.
  13. At the FI I work at our money orders go up to $1,000 so we'd be looking at 40,000 money orders. He's the perfect demographic for wanting 40,000 money orders and holding up the line as he complains loudly to anyone that will listen that you can't trust the water company with a check and refuses to get online banking.
  14. "Have you never made a woman cum? Vote Republican!"
  15. Men are a special breed when it comes to woman issues. I was at the store last month picking up some tampons and Pamprin for the wife on the way home from work and I had an older lady stop me and say that she was proud of me as her "husband would never be caught in public buying tampons". I bet they won't even earn their red wings either, buncha pussies. I don't know why ya'll don't overthrow us.
  16. Well not as bad as we expected and doable for 2 adults with graduate degrees in a 1BR.
  17. Well at least that's usually Uncle Sam telling you that you're Bell County material.
  18. I had been to NYC before but last week was my wife's first trip. She absolutely fell in love with the city which is really odd considering she gets tired of people and hates being out in the rainy cold which it was last week. She's always ready to come home from Mexico City to get away from the people after a couple of days and I was expecting that, but she was sad to be leaving. Part of the reason could be because we stayed in Tribeca which empties out after working hours are done, but the real reason though was how great the people are in the city. She was really happy with the Hispanic pride that she saw there and loved that people spoke to her in Spanish first which doesn't even happen in San Antonio or Houston (She dresses like con nopal en la frente, but actually loves her heritage and is a bilingual elementary school teacher). She was also blown away by how friendly everyone in the city was as we made friends quickly with people everywhere with them talking to us first. The dude working at the local pizza place The couple next to us at the Blue Note The lady on the subway with her dog The dude who knew everything about Broadway that sat in front of us at Gutenberg! The Holiday booth operator at Bryant Park who went to Texas State And on and on and on I think she was expecting more New England stiffness instead of the Mid-Atlantic bluntness of NYC. I caught her checking apartment prices yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at how affordable they are after COVID. I highly doubt we end up moving up there with so many nieces and nephews popping up in the family that live within 2 hours of us in Texas, but I'm sure we'll be back 3 or 4 times in 2024. Such a special place
  19. And that's living in a great food/culture city like Houston. I meet transplants here in Waco all the time, poor bastards are actually choosing to move here.
  20. The Clemson band just made the deportation list
  21. We ended up going to both since they were right there. They were similar of course but we spent more at Union Square so I guess that means we liked that one better (went to the Strand not B&N) afterwards.
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