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  1. No offense ( in fact, hats off) to your Dad or any other 68W or 18D medics that were there, but Ty's character here is Tim Wilkinson, a USAF PJ from the 24th STS. Him and his partner Scotty Fales, were PJs assigned to the CSAR bird should shit hit the fan (which it obviously did). They fast roped in after the first bird went down. Fales would be shot through the calf but stay and set up a casualty collection point, while Wilky continuously exposed himself to get needed supplies and wounded back to the CCP. Both would be recognized after with Fales receiving the Silver Star, and Wilkinson the AF Cross. Along with them receiving medals was Jeff Bray, a USAF Combat Controller that (although depicted in the movie to be done by the Ranger Matt Eversman) called in the little birds ALL night with their mini guns ( most danger close). He came up with the idea of marking their positions with IR strobes thus making everyone else bad guys ( the movie depicts it as them putting their strobes on the Somalis). Years later and depicted in the film 13 Hrs (another goat fuck operation without adequate support applied), the scene with Tonto marking their position with his rifle (IR again) goes back to BHD and Bray's ingenuity under fire. Below is a Coffee or Die article highlighting Fales and Wilkinson on 10/03/90. https://www.coffeeordie.com/scott-fales
  2. Long before it was JBLM and was just Ft Lewis and McChord AFB, the retirees and MWR staff that ran the golf course (really nice) on McChord would limit (even if times were available) the number of Army personnel that could play the course on any particular day....You know, to keep the neighborhood respectable.
  3. Cheers Brothers. To You and the 16 others that gave their all today, 29 yrs ago. RIP
  4. Worthy throws a better deep ball than Card…[emoji2371] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. He’s a Twat. He’s Tillman’s pillow biter and when I corrected him 2 yrs ago on how he likes to state that his “partner” never lost to Texas while playing, he blocked me on Twitter. [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Probably good with the flooding but don't be too sure about FEMA and their flood maps/zones. What used to be good some 15-20 yrs ago, now are considered to be in risk areas and require flood insurance.
  7. Not worth it....If looking for a trifecta, they really liked to give you a multiple dose of abortion scenes. Do yourself a favor and take the advice of not watching. See below. You've been warned by others... Long and depressing. Better off taking a hammer and smashing your thumbs, repeatedly. Or just watch Pete's defensive scheme of bend and break.
  8. Saw him a few times against Seattle, plus his last start/game. We had seats down by the Ranger bullpen and during pregame warmups, you could definitely hear the pop. He had an amazing work ethic that obviously allowed him to play/pitch for so long.
  9. Kevin Bass, one of his Astro teammates. Watched it last night. What a great film and loved who they got in it to talk about him, especially another dude that was wild and had control issues when he first came up, Randy Johnson. edit: Too bad we play at OSU this year, would have been nice to heckle Robin a bit about not consenting to an interview.
  10. There is a separate thread for this but Ill post here also... Facing Nolan
  11. Over a decade of mediocrity. When is this guy going to show up?
  12. 6/8 I believe…., Surprised we stopped them twice. [emoji53] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Looking for 2 for RRS (preferably upper deck and less than your son's/daughter's full semester)
  14. Only team that doesn't get called for holding against us more than them is blowU.
  15. Markie Mark..... Father Stu Worth the watch.
  16. Father Stu on Netflix..... Markie Mark makes it worth the watch.
  17. Father-in-law, an Uncle (F105 crew chief in Vietnam), a cousin, and myself all served in the world’s greatest Air Force. Happy Birthday USAF [emoji631]. Let the sister service jabs begin…[emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. He is terrible for football and even worse when they have/had him at the Disch for baseball. Though he claims to have played at some small D2 or D3 school, he knows NOTHING about the game. Total fucking idiot. I posted it earlier during tonight's game thread, but I swear a couple of years ago they had him in the booth with Swindell and Moreland for a baseball game broadcast. At one point he was talking some stupid dribble to Moreland and while he was doing that, Zeke had a cold stare at him like,.....he was going to strangle him on live TV (if only).
  19. Firefighters? [emoji23] Wrong. Fuckhead attorneys or some other 9-5 office profession leads jobs that officials hold. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. When they were at the baseball game a couple of years ago, there was about 20 of them that were there early and were loud , obnoxious, assholes for about 2-3 innings. The Horns took it personally and shut them up the rest of the way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Lowell quit blowing him so he left the game. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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