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  1. I can't figure out what they believe or disbelieve. Nor can I tell what they're trying to convince everyone they believe or disbelieve.
  2. Just dropped by to remind everyone that OU sucks.
  3. Appreciate the new thread and title. Let's hope it brings an upswing in recruiting (starting with holding onto our current guys).
  4. Not to derail the James family discussion, but at what point do we get a much-needed thread title change? Pretty sure we're no longer trying to keep Austin Beard. I'll hang up and listen.
  5. I've never seen a good team get their hands on so many potential rebounds while collecting so few. We were horrible in that area again tonight.
  6. Whoever's coaching this bunch next year has better get serious about hitting the portal for some guys with length and strength. I know the tournament is all about guard play, but our guards aren't good enough to overcome that deficiency. Oh, and I'm ready to say it: Brock is our third-best player, at least in a rugged game like this. He needs to play as many minutes as fouls will allow.
  7. Maybe we could get away with three guards if more than one of them could hit the ocean from a boat. What a horrible performance by nearly everyone so far. Timmy Allen might be as great a player as some fans think, but I have trouble seeing it most nights. With Hunter I can at least go with the idea he's just in a deep funk for whatever obscure reason. Maybe chick problems?
  8. If my budget were $4,950,000, I'd opt for building a $450,000 house on a $4,500,000 ranch. But that's just me.
  9. We're already about there. But yeah, finish them.
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