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  1. Yes, but it's a ML bullpen...not Disch-Falk.
  2. Frightening how often all the efforts and expenditures of ML franchises boil down to whether or not a journeyman hurler can enter a tight game and throw strikes.
  3. Altuve taking the starter vote for the ASG, then blowing it off due to injury, then cranking a bomb against the rival who will be hosting said festivities and pushing them deeper into third place is a true chef's kiss.
  4. I had a bad feeling about this inning. Need to shake it off.
  5. To steal from the Longhorn thread...Show me a Bloss!
  6. Good sir, what kind of talk is that on a sports message board?
  7. If Altuve could always bat with the bases empty, he'd be around .400 lifetime.
  8. Baseball is hard. It's extra hard when you can't score.
  9. We might still miraculously win this one, but if so, it won't be because we're brilliant.
  10. This is not a good day to be missing two great lefty sluggers.
  11. So which guy should Montero plunk? Perfect situation for it at minimal cost.
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