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  1. Its crossed my mind that perhaps an ISU booster contributed to his Texas NIL.
  2. I think we all did. Other than changing conferences, what do we see (not just today, but any day) that gives us hope for a better season in 2025? I want to think we'll improve, but I certainly can't point to anything that's happening on the court.
  3. Sampson said recently that he recruits guys who can score, because he knows he can teach them to play defense. Whatever our approach is, it seems inferior in every way.
  4. In every phase of the game it's been an embarrassing mismatch to this point. I'm hopeful that changes but hardly confident. Seems basketball is hard when the other team is bigger, stronger, quicker and more skilled.
  5. No one was more shocked by that homer than the girl who hit it. An apparent case of "ball finds bat."
  6. And I'd surprised if Wemby isn't doing that in considerably fewer minutes. So far he's averaging fewer than Gobert did for that full season.
  7. That's about how we'll all look watching the asteroid get bigger...and bigger...and bigger....
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