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  1. There's evidently a thin line between arrogance and pride. What we call the latter is what our many haters know as the former. I grew up near Austin and have my degree from UT, but I've now lived in Georgia for 39 years. Even the native sons and daughters of Georgia lack the state pride I still feel and show for Texas. When they "argue" football with Bama, Florida or Tennessee fans, I don't sense true hatred the way I do with OU, A&M or Tech bashing Texas. Of course, I despise the whole "SEC" lovefest they all engage in and have assured them I don't feel that way. l have zero reason to want anyone else in the SEC to win anything in any sport...and so it shall remain.
  2. Maybe we should go easy on poor Shaka. Not his fault that no-talent hacks like Bamba, Hayes, Sims and Jones all forced their way onto our roster under his watch. What's a coach to do when dealt such a bad hand?
  3. If you're gonna go there (lame idea), you're obviously gonna end up with somebody at the bottom. Our guys love RT, so I kind of hope somebody shares this with them.
  4. That guy is a monster among monsters. Incredible size-speed package. Should be in Austin for football and track, but I don't think we were ever much on his radar.
  5. They'll go 6-6. Make that 6-7 if they dare go bowling.
  6. I'm thinking they'll have at least three losses by then, and several yet to come.
  7. Some opposing player's going to get punched right in the kneecap.
  8. Kaiser Bob got paid roughly $100 for every point we scored during his time in Austin. Which means he's now living on food stamps.
  9. One final question: How did a Louisville team that much better than we are lose nearly a third of its games this year?
  10. And we did it! A skirmish victory in a lost war, but a victory nonetheless.
  11. Too bad the Van Lith prodigy isn't in burnt orange. Then we'd be within 10.
  12. Had our chance with those quick fouls, but no dice. Just not playing or coaching on their level tonight.
  13. Unbelievable how many basic plays we can't quite make. Have to be better, no matter the obstacles.
  14. Rori needs to take 12 shots minimum in the second half. If they they don't go in, they don't. But shoot the ball. I have faith Vic won't stand for a humiliating exit, especially in front of our own crowd. Let's see how we react in the second half...and then in the off-season.
  15. Our trainers might have accidentally dispensed a few stupid pills before this one. Getting outplayed mentally and physically in our own gym. Desperately need a run here.
  16. Getting crushed in the paint on both ends. Probably can't win without changing that.
  17. What's with this passing up open 8-footers for highly contested 3-footers? Play smart.
  18. When a HC's main contribution turns into being the "face of the program" rather than a master game planner, tactician or recruiter, you might legitimately ask if you're getting what you paid good money for. Sounds a bit like late-stage Mack, but without the big trophy.
  19. Some of their fans I'm sure suspect it already, just as we did at a similar point. But so far, they're for the most part hoping/assuming it's just a matter of time until he breaks through with tourney success. Although at least a few fans now think he needs a sagely senior assistant. Say...what's Phil Jackson doing these days?
  20. With a guy having that wingspan at 2B, we won't miss the shift.
  21. Picking a Shaka team to make the Final 4 more than offsets any choices you got right.
  22. Good effort by Skunkman and his squad. But not quite enough.
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