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  1. Hopefully Billy Donovan is available in the next year or 2. He is a college basketball coaching wizard.
  2. Don't think Stewart can recover from that both sides horseshit from his first show. People had already forgotten about The Daily Show after the Noah debacle and this is unlikely to bring folks back.
  3. Unless RT miraculously pulls some crazy talent out of the portal, things are set to get materially worse from here.
  4. Just enter on the nav where you're going, then click on the lightning bolt logo to show you charging locations. You want level 3 fast charging
  5. So basically we need Tre Johnson to be the next Kevin Durant
  6. Unless there's a big haul from the portal, next year's team looks quite awful. Losing the only two consistent players in Abmas and Disu and key depth pieces in Horton and Cunningham leaves us with next to nothing
  7. Shaka never won an NCAA tournament game at Texas despite having multiple 1st round played in Mo Bamba, Myles Turner, and Jaxon Hayes. This Terry squad has only 2 decent players in Disu and Abmas.
  8. They showed a clip of last year's KSU game with Bishop, Timmy Allen, and Rice. Miss that squad.
  9. Wtf was that clown show. Up 12 and nearly gave it up? Airballing critical FTs?
  10. RT has 4 years and $12M remaining. He is getting at least 1, prob 2 more years.
  11. You are going to be underwhelmed by Glenwood Springs. Not much there other than a giant pool that is full of people. Better to drive < 1 hour south to Aspen and enjoy the food, drink, and scenery. If Aspen is too far out of the way, you can stay in Vail village.
  12. Took Thursday off and hit to Keystone for half a day to beat the long weekend crowds. And can't beat free parking. Bottom pic is the bowl which is at 12,500 feet - windy but worth it for the views and easy trip down.
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