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  1. So is May 7th reserved for us then?
  2. Incredible. Now do the defense.
  3. Lol Sark has won 9 games only once in his 8 year coaching career and it took him 13 games to do it
  4. You guys predicting 9 wins are crazy. That defense isn't stopping anybody.
  5. Yup he has no life other than pulling scams
  6. Jimmy is at his breaking point. Pulling cheap shenanigans at the mall and the the local bar to gain a few bucks
  7. The magats are convinced that Ukraine is full of Nazis and Putin is in the right
  8. Well we do know that Pete K sucks ass, and is a liability on the recruiting front.
  9. To be fair Brent Venables is a far better coach and runs a much superior system to Pete Kwiatkowski. Until Sark fires him, we will continue to lose elite in state defensive talent.
  10. You guys remember Erick Fowler? Massive signing day win for a top Edge rusher, only to come here and not do shit. Later transferred to SHSU.
  11. National Championship? This team is just trying to beat Kansas and be bowl eligible. Maybe squeak out a win in the Cheeze It Bowl in the D-backs baseball stadium.
  12. We should have hired that Ok State DC before Ohio State stole him away
  13. We are about to enter the SEC. Ole Miss, UGA, Tenn, LSU, and Bama have been buying players for years. This is the cost of doing business now
  14. It's important to stay level headed about recruiting. There have been a bunch of highly ranked classes that didn't do shit.
  15. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/food-culture/article/What-s-the-deal-with-that-Trump-Burger-place-in-17326767.php#photo-22750659
  16. Even if we got a bunch of commits this week, generally speaking the attrition rate is around 50%. So high likelihood they either transfer or end up as non contributors.
  17. Don't forget the shitty light blue bath tile and archaic lab equipment
  18. Stupid sip, don't you know Jimbo is the QB whisperer? Look at his track record with Calzone and Mond!
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