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  1. I liked 13 Assassins alot.
  2. She was on Dan Carlin's pod a couple of weeks ago. She was a really good interview. Terrifying to think about.
  3. Nope. The Goodreads reviews are really positive and it's on my list. AGIM was great. Really loved RofC. Couldn't finish Lincoln Highway. Didn't care for that at all.
  4. It's good. Not great but I enjoyed it.
  5. Loved the finale wish we could've gotten 10 extra minutes to flesh out some storylines a bit more but it was a great show
  6. Reading a book about the Sentinelese so I decided to watch this. I came away thinking that there are plenty of terrible people in this doc, and they aren't the people who ultimately killed John Chau.
  7. You can't stop Thatcher Milton you can only hope to contain him
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