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    I was playing a 2A football game when I heard. Our TE was bringing a play in from the sidelines and told me Tupac died and he forgot what the hell the play was. The whole huddle was shocked. Next play was a fumble.
  2. Gonna taste like disappointment.
  3. This is exactly why they can't let the border go. It's more valuable to them as a boogie man than a solution. I promise the last thing GOP cunts want to fix is the border. How else are they going to get a South African racist who's shaped like a mayonnaise bottle with a goatee that 8th graders would laugh at to put a cowboy hat on backwards and rile up his legion of incels.
  4. Doug Lewin's Substack about ERCOT trying to keep Texas in the 20th century.
  5. My family is rewatching the movies for a 3rd time I think. My kids are 7. I've tried telling them that one reason theses movies are so good is that it is littered with absolutely remarkable actors. I think Harris was a better Dumbledore but Gambon was an outstanding replacement.
  6. Haha. Yep. Both of them are eat up with it.
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