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  1. Bitch obviously thought she could hit him with impunity
  2. I have a 04 F-150 with 280k miles and at least every two weeks I'll come home and it will have a note on it asking me to call if I want to sell it
  3. So he was bragging about being blown by the yankees bull pen?
  4. I'm getting pretty excited for next season. I'm ready for it to start already. I'm sure by the time we're well into football season I'll be even more ready.
  5. fuck them if they try and explain it by saying he survived for the 7 month trip to Mars in a probe capsule with no life support system
  6. Well then she didn't shoot the man 17 times, she shot at him 17 times
  7. I don't see any way to explain the Nork on Mars that won't be completely ridiculous.
  8. I lost a tooth and the right side of my face is still partially numb
  9. My arms usually have several cuts or abrasions on them from playing with my dog Sebastian. The slightest nip from him will cause blood loss.
  10. I’m glad the Texans decided the same thing
  11. What if the 50% killed was the root end and the 50% not killed just fell on the floor
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