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  1. I hope Bama gets smoked. I think FSU got screwed because of the myth of the SEC invincibility. Besides we should cap off this National Championship with the heads of the PAC 12 and BIg 10 Champions to go along with the head of the SEC Champion that’s already mounted on our wall over the fireplace. Texas football outlasted both of my wives and I’m sure it will outlast the third.
  2. I was driving back to Houston from Dallas after the Big 12 Championship game last night when a tire flew off of a car about 50 feet ahead of me in the right lane on I45. I came within about 6 inches of hitting it going 90 mph. If I had hit it, I'm sure someone would have posted the video here.
  3. So aggy has a 50/50 shot at winning at national championship?
  4. FSU will beat Michigan 3 - 2 and we will face them in the championship game.
  5. There won’t be any CFP this year. When the committee comes out and ranks the top four as Wash, Mich, FSU, and UT the meltdown at Texaggy will create a black hole that will eat the planet
  6. I saw one lone FSU fan. I told him sorry, but I hope you guys get your ass kicked.
  7. Surly will still be arguing who the committee will put in a week after the results are out
  8. Washington St and Oregon St put them on a tight budget
  9. This hits close to home because it’s right next to our hotel so my daughter and I ate dinner there
  10. Like put her in a burlap sack and throw her in a lake?
  11. I like Tom Selleck, but that Indiana Jones would have sucked shit
  12. It would be nice to get payback on UW for last years Alamo bowl in this years CFP
  13. The half that’s Husky and the half that’s GSD/Aussie Cattle dog/Pitbull
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