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  1. Having spent a fair amount of time in Wisconsin over the last couple of decades, I can confirm that it is a terrific drinking state. It seems there is a bar on every corner, including in the small towns. Once went to a high school baseball game in N. Wisconsin and the concession stand sold beer (and brats of course).
  2. absolutely this. Pulltap is terrific. I've run through a bunch and it's the best by far imo. Ah so is great for the older corks...they are long and often soft (double entendre not intended).
  3. I like Heitz, but I'm I fan of more old school, less extracted style.
  4. The fiddle is tremendous. I great Strait pedal steel song is Nobody in His Right Mind Would Have Left Her. Another timeless song.
  5. I celebrate the entire scotch whisky catalog, though I favor Islay whiskies. One of my non-Islay favorites is from Campbeltown and seems to get little play in the US...Springbank. The Springbank 10 and 15 are not too hard to find. Both are terrific.
  6. I believe this is one of the greatest songs (not limited to country) ever recorded. It seems to get lost in the shuffle, including among Strait's other songs. So, I suggest it should be celebrated: Amarillo by morning, up from San Antone, everything that I've got, is just what I've got on, when that sun is high in the Texas sky, I'll be buckin' at the county fair....
  7. Looks awesome. In my experience, cooking the pancetta for a bit longer to brown and crisp it up some more helps cut down on the salt and richness.
  8. minerals upon minerals are what I taste...though I lack a discerning palate. I have had a number of aligotes and find them refreshing and great to drink with all kinds of food...seafood, chicken, salads and white fishes. Plus, they are a fraction of the price of chardonnay burgundies. Here is a great article about them: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/06/dining/white-wine-burgundy-aligote.html
  9. I second Google wifi. Very easy to set up and works great. We switched from an Apple airport with several airport expresses and have had no problems using our Apple products on the Google system.
  10. No doubt...a great airport listen. Forgot about Slow Show. Great song.
  11. Great stuff, indeed. They make the chocolate in house. I was raised on Blue Bell, but (heresy perhaps) I think Graeters blows it away.
  12. Good? I love vouvrays and other Loire valley chenin blancs but rarely see savennieres.
  13. Ardbeg Uigeadail - It is peat plus, but delicious. Ballantines and Famous Grouse are good daily drinker blends. I think Ballentines is very underrated...and cheap.
  14. Probably not what you are looking for but perhaps it will pay off on the way home...Lake Wine Kitchen and Bar at the airport is a great place to hang out while you wait for your plane. Good non-traditional wine choices and the salmon is surprisingly good (i.e, excellent for general airport food). https://www.mspairport.com/sites/default/files/attachments/0218_Menu_LakeWine.pdf
  15. sorry to spam the thread, but Carin at the liquor store deserves a post..
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