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  1. Update on this. Terminal block on back was broken so the timer didn’t have power. Fixed. Repair guy told me he doesn’t do work on SpeedQueen very often (they don’t have issues). Said they are the best options out there.
  2. troublefreepool.com Check the forums there. Everything you need to know. I use their test kit and app. Simple
  3. We were at TriSupply in town that’s moving and had everything on sale. Bought SpeedQueen washer/dryer for huge discount. Went to put the power cord on and the terminal block is broken. Bypassed it and have it up and running. Timer doesn’t seem to work so we’re having it serviced (under warranty - TriSupply is handling). Aside from that little issue, wife is extremely happy.
  4. You popped on the tickets that came up real quick. I told my wife we should jump on those. I think you made a good deal
  5. Taking my 10yr old son to his first TX/OU. Most of the time I’m good to stay home, but this one is for him.
  6. What’s driving me crazy is the lack of tickets available. Then, in a week or two I’ll hear from all sorts of people how they couldn’t get rid of their tickets.
  7. I’m also looking for 3. Wonder if we could get a better deal on 6 together? 3 is that shit where a seller is going to end up with a single. The thought of prices being lower at 8AM on Saturday does leave a little gambling spirit going.
  8. They did an amazing job not fucking up the rest of your yard. My whole yard was trashed.
  9. Make sure someone pays that mortgage. Edit - had a client pass away in 2012. Kids were scattered far and wide. Took some time to locate her son (he had joined a monastery). By the time they got everything moving the bank had foreclosed the house. They tried to fix it but we’re unable (either didn’t have enough $ or smarts - probably both).
  10. About to move a year after putting in our pool. House moving to doesn’t have a pool. It’s going to need one. Are cost coming down at all??
  11. Zeon. Part of my yard is heavy shade, part is heavy sun, and part is a good mix. I have 1 big dog and 1 medium. Medium is a mini Aussie and she has her trails she hits every time she’s outside. The SA couldn’t keep up. Zoysia hasn’t been a problem. Only problem is their urine.
  12. I put zoysia down in my backyard last year. Aside from a fungus I didn’t catch early enough, it’s pretty solid. The area with the fungus was large but I finally caught on and have been treating. It should fill in over the next month. My front yard is SA and I’m over it. We’re about to move and I e been looking at options for new house. Yard is SA that is infested with spurge. Thinking of killing it all and starting over with zoysia. My only zoysia complaint is that I went with a hybrid due to shade areas and dogs. You have to plug it or put down new sod. No seed. I’d like to have a yard I can seed to thicken.
  13. Thats not an Edward Jones fee. It’s the fee for the mutual fund family. Advisor sold 529 are going to have that expense. You want no fee use Nevada for Vanguard. If you have a business and want to use American Funds (for whatever reason), you can set up an employer sponsored 529 and avoid the upfront costs with them (still advisor sold).
  14. Put in a pool last summer. Used the hot tub almost every night in the winter.
  15. For aphids, go buy lady bugs. I used to do that once a year when we had a big crepe myrtle in my backyard at another house. My FIL flips out over the crepe myrtles in his backyard close to his pool. It’s entertaining. When we put our pool in we took all crepe myrtles and ligustrum out and put in Eagleston Hollies. It was expensive but looks nice. I have 2 giant oaks on one side of my yard and my neighbor has a giant live oak on the other side. Lots of leaves end up in the pool in fall/winter but the shade right now is worth it.
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