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  1. Not using pool service. The filter on the pipes (by all the pumps) has a bunch of junk in it. Can I clean that out? Pool builder told me a pool service would clean it a couple times a year.
  2. BIL got it installed about a month ago. Pretty cool. Completely transformed his house.
  3. I have a tower that holds about 10 tabs. What is the alternative? **I’m ~1 month in on a new pool so still learning
  4. Chlorine tabs? What’s wrong with them? My pool builder said to avoid big box store chlorine.
  5. We used a silver travertine and builder said not to seal. Landscapers came in and got red clay all over it - looked stained. Little scrub with a baking soda water mix got it all out.
  6. I have variable speed pump. When would I ride it mid or low vs high?
  7. Thanks for all the info. I did a picture test - pic of one, pic of the other - which one you like best? 4/5 she picked the eagleston holly. We’re going with that.
  8. Good points on the climate. I’m in north Houston and these will get blasted with full sun. My FIL called the cherry laurel trash trees. Is he right? I want the eagleston but I need to get my wife on board.
  9. Need opinions on couple plants. Wife wants cherry laurels along my back fence. Landscaper wants to use eagleston holly. Any thoughts on either of these? Thanks
  10. Plumbing is going in today. Putting split face on the retaining wall. Wife is not 100% about it, says it’s “rustic”. I continue to show her pictures that dispute that claim but she is sticking to it. Silver travertine decking with a grey split face should look good. I’m pretty much colorblind so what do I know. Then she realized something in the design that has always been there and now she doesn’t like (too late). This type of build is definitely tough on her. It will look great in the end. The process sucks. Did anyone get push back from builder to use thicker coping? I want the 5cm but the design people made it sound like that could be a problem.
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