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  1. Great game by Horns and this team certainly was having fun after getting the rust off the 1st two innings. Berkman was pissed in 2nd on that out called at 2B, told a guy sitting behind me to “shut up” who was heckling him about it. Cool to see the starters come out and do the HR celebration for Borba after his bomb. Good Tuesday night win and a just perfect night at the ballpark
  2. Get to go to 1st game of the season in person so I am excited. Great weather for the game tonight as well. LFG Texas!!!!
  3. This for sure. This is why parents go so crazy pre-puberty ages as they all believe that their kid will be the one. I coached for years (both select and LL) and the amount of pressure parents put on their kids is unreal. I really think this is why kids fall out of playing baseball. So many other sports you can play that don't allow for the bitching/griping at them by parents. For the new LL coaches here is a good meme (believed it has been posted before) that helps you slot where you play kids
  4. So stupid an ending. Terrible. Just bad across the board. Not a single character I remotely gave a shit about. I finished it but jeez what a beating.
  5. Well here are once more into the breach. Holy crap this weekend was COLD!!! Youngest 14U) team won first tournament of the season but man can Spring baseball get chilly. Best of luck to all the kids and parents lacing them up this year!!!
  6. Mine were as Delta dorked me on flight home. 2 hr delay. Pissed. Now at kid’s baseball tournament so missing today. Gave today’s tix to buddy.
  7. Guy down the street from me had a “Desantis” sign up for months that just came down. That is only presidential candidate sign I’ve seen. Seeing a number for judicial candidates etc
  8. Ultimately anyone that was anti-Biden will still be anti-Biden post this report. I don't see this swaying anyone one way or the other. I just think we should put Trump & Biden in inflatable sumo suits at this point and have them have a pugil stick battle vs a debate. PPV would be through the roof.
  9. For sure. Also the administration doesn’t really give a shit about sports
  10. 100% agree at how well folks are portrayed and treated in a respectful manner. I just didn’t like Dani, the older guy or the guy from Boston that was using IG to find dates with ladies that seemed to just be fishing for their time on screen. All in all I liked the Australian show better top to bottom. But from US show I could watch Connor, the guy from Clemson & the couple that went on safari all day.
  11. AHS is 21.5 kids over cutoff and it’s in a school district that invests dick in facilities for sports. Having a kid there the principal will never drop them to 5A. Also coach has easiest job as in 6A there is zero expectation of success. It’s a joke. edit- takes in roughly 700+ transfer kids a year as well. Would be super easy to be under number.
  12. Was great. Also loved how he wrote about one girl that she didn’t like nature then negged another chick who was huge into nature. There were couple of the people on the show that were automatic fast forwards for me (that Dani girl eg) but Connor was a must watch.
  13. It’s not much different than back in the day with JD Power scores. Pay more for JD Power evals as company your score goes up.
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