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  1. Holy shit!!!! Just fucking awesome.
  2. I was watching on GC - just a total ass kicking. Kids hit top to bottom and played great defense. I vote we stay in Katy as there is jack shit in Bellville and Katy is ~39 mins away. All things being equal I'd stay downtown Houston at the Marriott with rooftop lazy river and go to a Astros game if people were down for it.
  3. Alright. Your WHLL beat NWLL convincingly in the Championship game 13-0 to win District. On to Sectionals. No idea how far boys can go, but at least they get to keep LL going a little longer
  4. We don't fit in the Big12 either especially with all the additional commuter schools that just got added. I'd rather go to SEC where there is good baseball as well as football.
  5. exactly. stupidly frustrating sometimes. Especially today when it was just a total braincramp.
  6. Alright. LL All Stars play started yesterday for Western Hills Vs Northwest Your WHLL All Stars won 6-1. Next game Monday night. Last year of LL for my son so savoring the journey. Good luck to all those on All Stars or City League teams.
  7. Wordle 364 X/6 This one got me. Mad as I’m up to early and fucked up on row 5.
  8. Jesus fuck ESPN. Who gives a shit. Best thing is broken down little girl with Coors lite can in front of her.
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