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  1. So Dainja can just throw Brock out of the lane and that’s “incidental”?? OK.
  2. This. There was some good sight gags and some laugh out loud moments.
  3. Had wife’s (no pics) extended family at our house for Thanksgiving. My SiL gives my 3yo niece caramel flavored coffee creamer as her “milk”. unbelievable & gross.
  4. Good win and nice job retaking and holding the lead. Team wasn’t at best tonight but they hung in there and worked it out.
  5. The thing is the Big 12 ALWAYS acted like this which is part and parcel of why Texas and OU are leaving. Nothing has changed.
  6. Clear moved their TSA precheck line from delta side to the swa/united one. It blows, no clue why they did that as the delta tsa pre side is much larger than other.
  7. I thought was dumb. Have to accept a lot of behavior that would never happen to believe characters would be in danger.
  8. I’d like a model where Texas coaches are sought after commodities and get promotions to other programs vs a group no other team wants. I would rather Sark be hiring 1-2 new faces a season vs rolling same staff for perpetuity.
  9. Just got this finally delivered today. Will be enjoying a tasty beverage in it this evening.
  10. I’m for getting new safeties coach vs investing more in Gideon. Just seems like every game there’s a blown coverage deep.
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