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  1. seriously? the video shows her being the aggressor, and not letting up, despite him doing defensive moves to block her. Being the aggressor less than 3 months before she killed him. you have hard proof she has shown aggressive, "violent" tendancies to hit, smack, and beat on her boyfriend in a public space kind of implies that maybe, just possibly she might have done that shit when she killed him. thats why the video is relevant. it shows she cant claim she is little miss innocent white girl whose mean abusive "scarry" black man boyfriend liked to attack her without notice or provocation. If the boyfriend is being claimed as an abuser, that video helps to dispell the notion that he was a hitter... because honestly as several have already said, she deserved to be physically restrained after she kept hitting his ass... and historically abusers dont just let their victims whale on them in a "private" space without at least some physical response to them being hit.
  2. the tweet above with the video literally says "State attorneys office showing a video from February that they say shows the defendant acting violently towards the victim" thats already her stance and has been from the beginning. the article mentions her lawyer is already claiming he choked her out and it was the only way to save herself.
  3. SOLID fucking camo sleeping bag there... really blends in the woodland background there Ivan....
  4. threadjack... the only reason I havent switched to Fubo is they dont have LHN. everything else about them seems top of shelf. I am really hoping this next year is the last year I have stay with Spectrum. if we do go to the SEC at the start of the 23 academic year I will be dropping Spectrum like they were on fire.
  5. I dont pay that much attention to the shows until I happen to see them playing. I was really surprised at how surprised the announcing team were that Deep 6 was able to take out Huge. That was a total matchup nightmare for Huge. with both being tall vertical spinners, the one with the largest diameter weapon should win. as soon as I saw how big Deep6 was and how tall its spinner was, I assumed Huge had no fucking chance because no matter what, with the way Huge sits with that high center of gravity I instantly recognized that anytime Deep6 got close it was absolutely going to get full contact with either Huge's center bar or wheels, both of which are pretty vulnerable. The only way Huge could have won was if it somehow was able to cross the T and flanked D6. After that the next Deep6 opponent was a fucking idiot. their driver literally kept throwing their arm into D6's weapon, trying to break it I guess, but it was a terrible strategy. they basically took themselves out. Lockjaw got its wheels fucked up in like 10 seconds and never recovered.
  6. when I first got her, i tried keeping Sadie in the living room overnight and me in my bedroom with the door closed. She sat outside my door and howled for 3 straight hours at my bedroom door. before I finally caved and let her in to sleep on the floor. at some point in the first night she manged to get up on the bed and I awoke to a bed partner. kinda been that way ever since... I adopted Chloe as a pup 4 years ago and she now takes up whatever part of the bed she wants. I do have to admit, when she wants to, she looks very cute but I have to physically lift her ass outta my side of the bed and put her back on the shed blankets. and she will occasionally bring other companions into the bed....
  7. I got to celebrate my 11th Sadie-versary last week. She turned 13. and her younger idiot sister turned 4. In this picture below she was hella impatiently waiting on being fed... they both got almost raw steak.... seared the top and bottom to kill any bugs. then cut it up... they were very excited, bowls lasted about 90seconds. I sincerly hope to be able to celebrate another 2-3 Sadie-versary's
  8. now see, thats a moment where the settlement offer is going on and if Im the guy that put up with that shit, I ask the fucking judge for permission to waive the entire settlement as long as I am allowed 2 mins in boxing ring with that asshole cop... with him being handcuffed to a chair and me having to wear boxing gloves. I dont want your money judge, I just want to beat that mans ass and give him the proper ass whooping he should have got as a pouty 10 year old that he clearly never had.
  9. we all know what happened there right. this aint rocket science. the cop was told to wait for animal control, and the cop then went and sat in their air-conditioned car, not bothering to check on the dog until animal control showed up and the dog was dead. I would be shocked if this fucks camera showed him/her ever checking on the dog again after the driver was driven off.
  10. @ :50 mark. you would think that in Russia (or Russian occupied anywhere)... being the last second merging asshole might end up with a hell of a lot more road rage complete with AK47s @2:20 , @3:10 @ 3:55 @ 4:18 @ 5:33 @ 5:55 @ 9:12
  11. really sounds like we gave them the ~300Km range weapons. if all the Russian airbases within 300Km of Donbass start cooking off in the next few days that will be a holy shit wakeup call for Russia. it could get so bad that Amnesty International will blame Ukraine for targeting peaceful civillian airfields in Russia that just happen to stuffed with Russian military attack Helo's and planes.
  12. you are exactly what Russia is counting on. sitting back and just letting it happen. Russia has already said they have every intention of retaking Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania along with all of Ukraine, Muldova, and Bulgaria. and they may get froggy enough to think they can take Poland. Russia is being led by a James Bond madman who wants the world to bow to ancient perceived Russian pressure while he tries to rebuild the Soviet Empire. and either the West lets it happen- and lose all chance to contain.... or we take a stand...... a stand that may fuck us all. otherwise, this shit is going to be repeated every 20 years.
  13. you realize Marley gonna be at least 80 Lbs right- she may very well push 90
  14. #1 you mention the lessons learned from 1914 in 1915... but you are forgetting the lessons learned in 1937-1938- appeasement doesnt work #2 you are OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND if you think that we will just sit back and let Russia Nuke Ukraine. If that happens we can all kiss our ass goodbye because we wont just sit back and tsk tsk.
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