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  1. I am well and past the 100 hour club. The app finally showed some workcrews on the fringe edge of the "greater neighborhood" around 5a this morning. Slight hope for those neighbors, but I am an entire major street away from that crew, and what looks like 5 seperate other outtages I really don't want to have to fucking go into work tomorrow dammit
  2. oh yeah and holy fucking shit at production not realizing that the ball could absolutely come back at Olivia- esp since that well known amazing race gif from like 10 years ago is out there. I hope she got some real money for that, along with Horatio who got fucked out of a chance to win because of it. my only question did she actually break her nose? the impact lump was pretty much dead fucking center of her eyebrows and above the bridge of her nose. her confesional vid that was a day or 2 later showed 2 black eyes, which usually is a tell tale sign of an actual broken nose.
  3. Fessy: "I fucking suck at this Challenge game" hes been beaten straight up by Jenny by herself in the final. literally doing the same shit he did and she fucking smoked everyone, including Johnny, who also smoked him by a fuckton. so hes like... "hey simps" pay me $1M and I fucking quit" what a dick move. esp since (with 1 exceptions so far) you have to win at least 2 entire challenges to get a Million. The Million prize has been split every time but once. The only person to win the Million was Smashley when she was gifted the $1M due to a major fucking error by production- Every single event in that final was timed except the food eating challenge- Hunter ate like 90%+ of the plates of random animal parts, and got no time prize for doing it, while her pussy ass kept saying she couldnt eat any of it. so when he housed 18+ plates of food, she got his time completion score, and got to continue competing in everything else and won the overall challenge by a tiny amount. If production had given even a 20 second time boost for every plate finished Hunter would have gained 3 mins and had the right to split or take it all.
  4. Pretty impressive win guys Thats exactly the kind of game we would have lost with Shaka coaching. And not lost by a point, but something idiotic Like we were tied with 2 mins left and lose by 8-10 or some shit
  5. Is the correct response She slept they boyfriend?
  6. same... out around 2a on Wed. sigh.
  7. all of you saying you are tossing everything in the freezer must either have had nothing in the freezer to begin with or some seriously shitty sealing. Ive been out since around 2a on Wed. and i was about to go buy some ice to transfer my freezer shit into my tailgate yeti, opened the door and there is a solid frost on everything still, meat is still frozen solid, hell I have a full tray of ice cubes in my automatic ice maker. I will probably have to reevalute in another day, but right now its pretty darn frozen.
  8. 78757. Still out since 730a on wed. Every major road that borders my neighborhood has power along with every house directly on that road and most that back up to it. But those of us in the interior are all kinds of fucked. This morning at 4am there were 77,600 without. Just now it shows 69,700 9 hours to clear 8k. At that pace its about 70 hours for everyone to get power again Not great bob
  9. same lost power for 55-6 hours in 2021. lost power at 3a on Wed. its now been 57 hours.
  10. 78757 Around 230a this morning power started cycling on an off in my entire hood. On for 2 mins, off for 3 or 4, on again.... 90 mins went by with it on and off around 15 times. Went off for the last time around 4. I would guess that around 60% of my hood now have power. I dont... and since we are no longer a "2,000 addresses without power group" the rest of us are going to be shit out of luck for a few more days
  11. Stop playing sim city with the disaster "button" clicked in the on position. duh!
  12. Actually minor correction The ONLY network to carry that Challenger launch live was CNN. It wasn't considered a news story Until it was a news story. And then all the OTA channels used CNN's footage ad nauseum for the next 2 days
  13. and boom. after I heard the 3rd transformer in 30 mins blow (with power cycling each of the first 2 times) totally out in 78757 this might be a long couple of days.
  14. I was in the 2000 kansas city ice storm where we got almost 1 inch like 13/16th of an inch of ice on everything and it took the city 8 days to restore my power in the middle of the city, and in the meantime the streets looked like a mega warzone with whole sides of trees laying on the ground
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