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  1. call me nuts... but if you want women to have more kids Mr ILL'in you might want to, you know, feed them
  2. The 1998 game, while good for us... was fucking miserable as well. I honestly would have thought it was colder than the Miami game, but looked it up and Miami was 38 at kickoff, vs 43 vs MSU. although there was some fog and drizzle reported in that one.
  3. Just because we know their names, doesnt mean that they have survived the last 18 months since the American got away. This was more symbolic than anything else. Unless they are members of the FSB, or some sort of militiary rear-echelon interrogation squad, The chances any of the 4 of them are still alive after being soldiers anywhere near the front line are pretty damn small.
  4. its ALREADY on the books, there is wording in all levels of football about purposely wasting time. even the TV ref specifically mentioned that there probably should have been a delay of game on the defense. The easy fix was listed above by Huckleberry. Max of 10 seconds of the ref holding up the ball being ready for play once the clear final offensive substitute has entered the field- notice I didnt say Offensive player who is being replaced, being off the field. With the obvious already excluded end of half FG attempt
  5. ehhh.... the boxes where folks who showed up and put a slip of paper in the box, didnt make it back to the counting offices, where the "sealed" election ballots had already been collected
  6. do we really have to fucking go back to being the fucking worlds entire fucking policeman again?
  7. and be sure to make an otherwise identical, but completely filled in plaque and present to him on behalf of Jimbo
  8. call me nuts... but lets win the first game before getting all look-farwardy
  9. they would be playing with their 2nd string.... still a pretty big dropoff
  10. holy fuck i thought they kept georgia at 4 didnt hear him say 6
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