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  1. Best beer for the end of a stupid hot day… Bernard
  2. Mea Culpa time. New info seems to contradict the initial story of police in pursuit prior to the shooter entering the school. Now hearing that the school called for help and first LEO on the scene was a border patrol agent. Other LEO’s arrived later. Engaged and the shooter and killed them. If that’s the case, good job, guys. Confirmation bias seems to have struck in a fast developing sorry. My bad. Bernard
  3. OK. Done. It’s good to know I’ve made my point. Now we can carry on with the standard broken record of comments that follow every one of these tragic mass shootings. Bernard
  4. True. We are very early in learning the facts of the case. I’ll stand corrected if new facts dispute my current jump-to-conclusions. Obviously, I’m biased. Of course we all know that cops are compulsive liars, so there’s always those pesky facts that get buried. Time will tell. It’s all tragic regardless. My mom was an elementary school teacher. So this hits close to home. Bernard
  5. I retired from real work at 39. HPD max age for a cadet is 44. At 43 I considered doing exactly what you suggested, just to serve in internal affairs. Alas, that was a decade ago. Too late to get hired now. Also, 15 people are dead in what appears to me to be an easily preventable crime. Seems like the police failing to do their job is a valid point of discussion Bernard
  6. 1. It doesn’t seem like a guy who’s planning a school shooting would just drive into a culvert 100+ yards from the school. 2. How does the driver of this truck get out of the truck and into the school with cops allegedly in pursuit? Bernard
  7. I suspect the dash cam footage from the chase is being deleted as we speak. Do you recall the armed police officer who was ON DUTY at the Parkland school shooting; the one who exited the school and hid in the parking lot while the shooter murdered innocent victims inside??? Bernard
  8. Photos show his truck crashed (at the blue dot) in this culvert, not far off the road. Some reports that police were already in pursuit Bernard
  9. Cops pursue murder suspect. Suspect crashes truck in culvert. Suspect exits wrecked vehicle with two guns in hand and travels over 400 feet on foot, passes through school’s fence and into school’s entry before cops in working cop car(s) can stop him????? Can’t wait to hear how the worthless, pussy-ass cops spin this story. Bernard
  10. They broke away from regular markets talk on CNBC for several minutes of “breaking news” about this story; and that was when there only two reported dead, and 14 “injured”. It’s getting massive coverage. Bernard
  11. Can you install some bollards in a way that makes maneuvering a big rig difficult, but still allow cars, and not be ugly? I’ve used these guys: https://www.bollardbarrier.com/ Bernard
  12. The contract I signed was a boiler plate agreement. Easy boxes to check and blanks to insert names of those who can authorize a tow. It can range from you giving the tow company carte blanche to tow any violators on their own to having them tow only when you specifically call and say “tow this mofo right now”. Unfortunately, there’s no getting around the sign requirement. I was worried about ugly signs. In the end, they weren’t the eye sore I expected. Bernard
  13. Drive to a nearby property and look at their towing signs. Call the number on the sign; phone must be answered 24/7. Tell them you want to sign a towing contract for your property. Install proper signage; Texas towing sign regulations are very specific. Towing company will likely offer cheap signs for free. If you want higher quality, you can get them done many places at your own cost. The contract will be no cost to you. The contract will have various options as to who can authorize a tow. I’ve done it. It’s quite easy. Bernard
  14. I seem to recall OPEC cut production 10 million barrels per day during the pandemic, and they’ve only increased by 500,000 barrels per day since the world opened back up. It’s time to tell the Saudi Royal Family to open the spigots before we start talking about democracy and regime change in their backyard. Bernard
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