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  1. Didn’t know proper grammar was a requirement when responding on a phone about a dog fucking your wife
  2. Plus a dog won’t fuck your wife while your in Denver for business
  3. When the guy on the bus started sweating I thought Saul was gonna get shanked , or they were trying an escape and he’d end up shot
  4. Gotcha, i tend run mine at 2k rpm all the time . Think someone mentioned but I don’t think pentair has the option the set different schedules based on rpm
  5. That makes sense if you have a time of use plan for electricity but I never sign up for those . Been doing 10 hrs during swim season and 5 during winter , never had problems if my Chemicals are in check
  6. I’m also in a pinch but only need 1k, therefore saving you 500. Think about it
  7. What’s that house in the yard ? Pool house ? Shop ? Gang bang area ?
  8. lol was gonna say why would someone think those 2 states are in the same time zone
  9. South Austin’s mom: Best: The gangbang cum show Worst : when I fucked her asshole
  10. Is he dead yet ?
  11. Ok I’ll look into it, problem I have is sometimes when the water may be a bit low the high suction at startup sucks in some air when it drains the skimmer from sucking so hard (that’s what she said )
  12. So question , I have a pentair pump. When it starts up it goes into high speed then slowly throttles down to the speed it’s set at. Do they all do this now ? My last pump didn’t but was about 10 years older .
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