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  1. Finished the season , thought it was great , visuals are great, good acting , good action without a lot of slow filler parts
  2. Bat flip when your down by 9? Hahaha such a douche city
  3. That was cool as fuck how quick it went from Dim to dark , and then Helo proving it real time how much of a derp he is saying how lame it’s gonna be then saying it’s awesome
  4. Anyone else planning to jerk off during totality ?
  5. No shit ; sunny as fuck yesterday too just to cock tease us
  6. Hey at least you guys are one game up in the A’s
  7. Starting it off like last series ended
  8. Feel like not keeping Monty is gonna be a big mistake
  9. My wife bought one , it’s nice sometimes if watching tv but nothing a few pillows couldn’t do , I’d say no considering they are 1k
  10. Romo blew his only chance at that award [emoji36]
  11. Are the qualifications for preforming the halftime show that you must not have been relevant in at least 10 years ?
  12. Huge rocking tits tend to do that
  13. They shoulda gone full Dan Campbell and went for it instead of kicking a field goal . Everyone knew the game was over with just a 3 point lead
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