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  1. Hey Helobodork, don't sell yourself short. People literally call you a moron for a multitude of reasons.
  2. You are such an insufferable troll.
  3. Very cool. Did your grandson shoot this video?
  4. You sure do have a knack for this.
  5. I will when they get to 41 games over .500. Oh wait..
  6. Well I guess this is in reference to the to the remaining 10% of bullshit. Didn't realize this fucking guy was Kaizer Soze...kudos to Helo!
  7. Should be 24. Fuck Joe West.
  8. The official Helobious dipshit statement depository. The gift that keeps on giving.
  9. Bregs


    ban OP. First attempt fail.
  10. Gallo is batting .159 this season. Gonna need you to pump up your numbers a bit from your quoted .050/.100. Shame that the rest of us on the baseball boards are subjected to your idiocy on a daily basis.
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