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  1. Jack Flack always escapes! Pretty sure I loved him in every movie i remeber him from. War Games, Tootsie, 9 to 5, C&D.
  2. It's funny 'cause he's fat
  3. I feel like people bag on Rome. Not here. Just in general. If you've never been to Italy, and you are even halfway interested in history, Rome is the most fascinating city on the planet. They have 2000 year old buildings on every block. The touristy shit is incredible. Forum, Coloseum, Trevi fountain, Pantheon, Vatican City, etc etc. And just stop in random places to rest and have a bottle of wine and a bite. The piazza by the Pantheon is a total tourist trap, but one of the best people-watching places I've ever been. I distinctly remember the red wine and pizza my wife and I had on our first trip. We spent an hour just basking in the sun and scenery. Food in Rome is underrated as well. Gelato and cacio e pepe will be staples for your kids. With 4 days in Rome, I might recommend doing a day trip to Pompei. Are you renting a car? It's a fairly easy drive, and it is amazing. Or save for your next trip. Because nobody can do Italy once. Do not skip seeing David in Florence. I'm not an arts guy, but that was the highlight of Florence to me. If you have 3 days, you have time to do a day trip to one of the Tuscan towns nearby. Never been to Venice. Jealous Nor Cinque Terre. But I have done Amalfi. Same trip as Pompei. God that was a great 5 days.
  4. 2010 Texas football reached the Top 10 and defeated a Top 10 team on the road. Man, what a successful season that was.
  5. If I did the math right, net inflows of ~15k cfs over a sustained 24hr period will lead to 29k acre feet of water. That's about 3% of Buchanan's capacity. So there could be some significant gains from this event.
  6. I always enjoyed the interviews with Hakeem after Rockets games. "We have to phocus!" Uh, what was that??
  7. I get the refund for bags arriving late, no wifi if you paid for it, etc. That's a service the airline failed due to some incompetence on their part. But refunding tickets if you're late or flight is cancelled? Surely there is some fine print around if it's due to airline being at fault. Bad weather delays and cancels flights all the time. I don't see how this does anything other than raise prices to cover the inevitable refunds. Maybe I'm missing something.
  8. Wiler77

    Bob Seger

    Was trying to remember if Live Bullet was the record my dad used to play over and over that got me into Seger at an early age. But it was the other live album--Nine Tonight. That was like a Greatest Hits Live album, with a few new songs mixed it.
  9. It was definitely not personal that I busted out laughing that people lost their jobs. It was because I completely forgot they hired Trev Alberts as the freaking AD.
  10. Just tried mine on. Pants fit perfectly. Arm length on jacket is a tad short. Going to see if I can have that altered. I only need like 1/2 inch or so. If it can't be altered, it'll work. Wish I could double rep OP.
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