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  1. It doesn't matter if they can't keep the QB upright. And last I checked their OL isn't very good. Losing Achane is going to sting as well. He could make good yards out of nothing (i.e. their OL sucks). They better hope the young RBs can do the same.
  2. Well now I can't see anything else. What is it suppose to be? A girl sucking on a tit?
  3. Cochinita Pibil is pretty freaking easy, but requires some planning. I found this carnitas recipe years ago in Edible Austin. Did it for a birthday party when my first son was really young and I wanted something that was low maintenance, tasted good, and would feed a bunch of people. It was a big hit. I've done it a few times since then. I just do it in a dutch oven on the stove. I also trim the fat a bit or else you get a very think layer of oil on top while it cooks. https://edibleaustin.com/recipes/jack-gilmores-everything-we-need-right-here-carnitas/
  4. Have your wife ask mine about our trip. Pretty sure we have detailed notes about everything we did. We went February 2020 for our 15th anniversary literally as COVID was becoming a thing. The difference in airport questioning from entering to leaving was night and day different. I think they shut NZ down like 2 weeks after we got back. Our long leg was ANZ from IAH-->AKL. Then a quick trip down to Christchurch. We were exclusively on the south island. It was amazing.
  5. Do they not have a "Find My Tiny Radioactive Capsule" app? It's 2023 for fuck's sake.
  6. I peeked in on texags for the first time in likely 5-6 years. I'm loving the comments like "if true, he should be held accountable." Ya think? That's really big of you.
  7. I root for the demise and constant failure of Aggy athletics, but not like this. Fucking hell. How hard is it to not rape someone? Allegedly.
  8. I've actually had the thought that I don't see a distinct difference in decades for the 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s. I mean, there are plenty of new influences, like smart phones, which may be the single most influential invention of the past 70 years, but I'm talking about style, music, etc. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s were totally distinct. But the 2000's all just kinda run together IMO. Maybe because I was finished with college in 2000 and somehow being an "adult" makes me less able to see the differences because I'm less influences by them? I feel like I could listen to a song or see a photo from 1950 though 1999 and be able to tell you the decade, even if it was new to me. Absolutely not true from 2000-2023. I'd say "2000s".
  9. Great reference, but it's Magnus Ver Magnusson I definitely watched too many WSM contests back in the day.
  10. SIAP I'm not sure I can say it's better than the original, because the original is so iconic, but this version makes the hair on the arms stand straight up.
  11. Wiler77

    Meet an inmate

    Now wait just a second here. Sounds like she got a raw deal. The bullet didn't kill the guy. The ground did. She should only be in for attempted murder. I'm sure she's cool.
  12. One of them absolutely stated something to the effect of the priority was using "resources" or "energy" or something else that absolutely meant "money" to keep the 2022 class on campus. It was a topic of discussion on either this thread or one of the other Aggy recruiting threads.
  13. I'm a passive follower of recruiting. Most of my info comes from this board. I guess I don't understand the hand wringing around this Tyler Harrell kid. 1. His profile says he's from Miami. 2. The Aggy 9.95ers pretty much told their audience that most of the money available for players would be used on retaining the 2022 class. That should indicate whatever they get in the portal is done with a large of amount of finger crossing. JAGs that you hope the best for. Especially if you plan on filling out the roster since they lost 1/3 of it due to graduation and the portal. Not sure how that changes next year, unless they make more money available for players. They'll need a large class. Or a lot of incoming transfers. And the 2022 class is still expecting money, and they may up their requirements to stay on a train to nowhere if they go 7-5. The complete mismanagement of the roster and lack of organization on actual NIL is fascinating to watch.
  14. I never planned to start on Jan 1, so I'm not counting that. Jan 3 was my start date, and I'm 16-2. Old friend came in town last weekend, and I had a few on sat and sun. Didn't overdo it at all, which I was proud of
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