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  1. Returned home from my first business trip since Covid was a thing on Friday night. Singapore. Saturday woke up slightly congested and one cough every 45 minutes. Wife insisted I take a test. Positive. Saturday and Sunday weren't too bad. Slightly congested, slight cough, but mainly just fatigue. Monday, Tues, and today are a different story. Totally congested, fever, bad fatigue. Luckily cough is still relatively minor. The left side of my head feels completely congested, and my left ear is ringing. I wonder if I have an ear infection coming on.
  2. Was in Singapore last week. Developed a very mild cough (like one cough every 30 min) on the plane back yesterday that I thought was because I was sleep deprived and the airplane was especially cold and dry. Woke up with slight congestion so took a test. Positive. Dammit! Funny someone mentioned a sore neck. I had a sore neck starting Wednesday that I thought was cause by the incredibly uncomfortable bed and even more uncomfortable pillows. Now I'm not so sure. Maybe that was the 1st symptom.
  3. You weren't kidding. Did a Google search, and laughed through all of section 2, which shows how to get at the battery Cadillac sucks hope this helps if you haven't figured it out yet
  4. Update... At 6:45am the security lines were almost empty. I'm on United, which I assume has fewer flights that time of day because not many people were checking in. If you fly American and have a family and/or checking bags, you should arrive plenty early. It was a cluster fuck. Didn't see the Southwest area.
  5. Ha! Yea, that'd be nice. Connecting to Singapore actually. Copious amounts of ball sweat inside and outside. Normally I absolutely love going to Singapore, if nothing more than the food. My parents used to live there, and I'd visit during winter break while in college. I have all my favorite spots I like to hit when going back for business. This time is on business for a multi-day internal sales/marketing "summit". Night 1: Dinner at a fancy hotel Night 2: Dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse Night 3: Dinner at a tapas bar Gonna have to eat light so I can hit the food stalls afterwards.
  6. Appreciate it. Yea, I'm carrying on. It's been 2.5 years since I traveled for business, which is a different experience than traveling with a wife and/or kids. I'm thinking this will be pretty simple.
  7. Anyone flown out of AUS early one of he past 2 Saturday mornings? I have a 7:45am flight tomorrow to SFO. Clear and Pre-check status I do have to go to kiosk beforehand to show passport, but I don't think that would slow things down too much, right? I was thinking if I got there at 6:15am I'd be in good shape.
  8. I love that no one can read more than 5 posts on this thread without the following reaction. This one did it for me. It always shocks me because: 1. she's really smart 2. she loves to cook
  9. I feel like I can get the gist of Death Valley by standing in my backyard for 5 minutes today.
  10. Good luck with that. Rejection of critical thinking skills in schools was part of their platform a decade ago.
  11. If I'm traveling with someone for work, no doubt they are on their own. "Meet you at the bar". If I'm with my family (wife and 3 kids), I'm not abandoning them.
  12. The outtakes from this scene may be funnier than the scene itself. Floors me every time.
  13. Titties? Those are the fun bags on a girl's chest that you get to play with should you ever have sex with a woman.
  14. Well, I guess this struggle will enter my weird dream cycle at some point, thanks for the tips I guess... Username and all that
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