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  1. Hopefully that’s not the caldera/supervolcano cracking its knuckles getting ready to go to work.
  2. Freddyburg been getting bombarded for about 10 hours straight. Just crazy dump of rain, right on the worst drought stricken part of the state
  3. You know you've shit the bed when Rimbo admits this show is absolute shit.
  4. Their normal salsa looks the same in the bowl and the toilet bowl. it is absolute shit.
  5. But we got it after the right wing bastion that is Colorado.
  6. Not gonna spike the football yet, but the odds are looking pretty heavily in my favor right now.
  7. I assure you 19th street in Waco is far, far worse.
  8. Heard Bascik on 105.3 while I was driving to lunch talking how it could be in the next 1.5-2 weeks. Just waiting for go from the x-rays and MRI's of the injured area.
  9. Seems that being a superstar in soccer requires one to both be an absolutely God-gifted athlete as well as being tactically brilliant. You can't teach God-gifted talent, but you can teach tactics. It's really damn hard for Ted Williams or Barry Bonds to teach players why they can recognize a pitch 15x faster than an all-star caliber player. It's really damn hard for Michael Jordan to teach someone how to absolutely push themselves to the physical and mental limit every practice.
  10. I have a huge supply of dino nuggies, 3 & 2 yr old kids and what not.
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