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  1. I didn’t agree with you. You said he shouldn’t be playing DE. Not playing him at DE is a fireable offense, and a simpleton take
  2. Your take about Parsons is pure idiocy. He doesn’t need to line up every play as a DE, but he absolutely needs to about 40-60% of the time. He’s a generational talent. You don’t waste that on him playing LB.
  3. Apparently you don’t know your ass from your pecker
  4. Dave. Dave. David. David. Dave! Because of that one, I’ve always said “the hottub”.
  5. Yep. Just warmed up some chili that I vacuum packed during the December freeze. Hit the spot.
  6. Yeah. Just yesterday they had the overnight low for last night at 35 and the high for today at 37. It was 27 this morning and the high for today now down to 31. So anything that falls out of the sky is going to freeze and stick to whatever it hits. Already started with a freezing mist up here in Waco.
  7. Bobby Belt was laughing on 105.3 the other morning because he said “everyone in the building knew they weren’t together since training camp.” So this is just an old news deal that is now official
  8. That's less than it cost you to make multiple trades
  9. TREE up about 85% since I made this one. Glad I neglected to trade my own idea.
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