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  1. Not making a declaration, but am going to make an inspection to see whether or not the ‘22 Blast Furnace may, in fact, be dead. Will report the findings.
  2. “And that’s cool, man. That’s cool”
  3. It’s tough trying to herd earthworms
  4. I'm not an expert, but yes, they do that quite often. Trying to bait an offsides call by stopping or even running forward to force an offside flag. If you don't time it properly, you've hung your keeper out to dry.
  5. He got the cheddar biscuits before, during and after the meal.
  6. Yes, she did sign divorce papers with Jimmy. But she was not married to Yeppers.
  7. I'd Finnish wherever she wanted me to.
  8. Dove season is proper fucked, yet again. Looking like my '20/21/22 hunts' combined first day may equal an actual 1 day limit. Last year, I fired my shotgun 12 times in 4 hunts. Pretty sure 4 of those were at dragonflies.
  9. Jesus, did y’all fuckers watch the show? She wasn’t married to Florida Man. She was absolutely married legally to Jimmy. Remember the episode where they got married at the courthouse and Huell was the witness? motherfucker
  10. Hey now. Garland is not a homogenously bad area. It just depends if it's adjacent to EDT/Mesquite or Little Vietnam/Richardson areas of Garland.
  11. Did 3.5 miles this morning. It was not near as welcoming as normal.
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