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  1. Donald Margolis is still at it I see
  2. “Woodsman of Neighborhood”
  3. Will look nice in your Tesla trunk.
  4. Amazon's bad earnings and bad forward estimates Consumer credit card debt at all time high near $1tn in an increasing rate environment Quite a few other metrics running against the consumer as well.
  5. Love those trucks. Would kill to have one as my daily or weekend driver and get back my '12 Turbo Diesel Jetta as my other vehicle.
  6. Good thing Mick and Bowie didn't film their video in Tehran.
  7. Damn. “McDreamy’s” harem is timing out pretty quick.
  8. Was it served with jelly or syrup?
  9. A little minor trimming would’ve taken care of that.
  10. No. It prevents limbs from falling on power lines. When 1/2 a tree breaks or a whole tree falls over, not much is stopping that shit, except Kevin, since he can also beat a chimpanzee in a fight apparently.
  11. We didn't get nearly as much ice in the Waco area as y'all did. I can string together a list of a few tree folks for y'all if you need.
  12. They didn’t like him waving the Magna Carta at them in an aggressive manner
  13. Why is it that anytime I see Petr/Petro Pavel's name I think of Peter Popoff? lulz
  14. You'll be fine, the Guatemalans will cook them for you.
  15. Been absolutely unloading freezing rain on us in Hewitt for the last hour or so. Absolute downpour and we’ve been below 30 degrees since about 6:00 Sunday evening. The trees are sagging terribly and I know I’m going to be woke up at any moment to the explosions.
  16. Even if the ice melts, 20 mph winds are going to wreck shop on trees that are soaking wet trying to shake off a freeze in soggy ground that is recovering from a drought.
  17. I was at my folks house in Garland and had to drive back to Waco that afternoon. Heard the noise and ran outside not knowing what it was. Watched footage and news all morning. Drove by a field not far from Hillsboro on my way back south and saw some stuff I had t noticed before. Called the police to come help look to make sure since I know NASA would want every piece of it they could procure for analysis purposes. Turned out not to be anything (it was some sheet metal that was spray painted black that had blown off a barn during some storms a week or two prior). But I remember just being sick to my stomach for the astronauts, their families, and the space industry as a whole. We really didn’t do shit on that end for almost 15 years as a result.
  18. There will be an “unhoused right of way” walking bridge over every overpass bond done in no time, and it’ll pass.
  19. I just scraped my car off and drove to the office so one of us didn’t wind up thrown out of the house or dead.
  20. I didn’t agree with you. You said he shouldn’t be playing DE. Not playing him at DE is a fireable offense, and a simpleton take
  21. Your take about Parsons is pure idiocy. He doesn’t need to line up every play as a DE, but he absolutely needs to about 40-60% of the time. He’s a generational talent. You don’t waste that on him playing LB.
  22. Apparently you don’t know your ass from your pecker
  23. Dave. Dave. David. David. Dave! Because of that one, I’ve always said “the hottub”.
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