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  1. Apple+ tonight for the game if I remember correctly.
  2. About 75% frozen is the sweet spot where it's easy to cut but doesn't shred to shit. I just did these fresh. Normally I'd buy them at lunch and stick them in the freezer, then have the wife pull them from the freezer about 4:00 or so.
  3. Woodway. They always have 4 packs of ribeyes that are cut to about 1/4 inch thick. I take them and cut them into small strips about pencil thin or a little thinner depending on how well the meat will hold the cut. They work perfectly for this, or for a quick steak and eggs breakfast done in the cast iron.
  4. Bought some of those thin sliced ribeyes at H‑E‑B. Cut them up into thin strips, a little olive oil and butter, onions and red/green bell peppers and made some homemade Philly steak sammiches. Turned out delicious. cooked them in my cast iron on the charcoal grill so they had a little Smokey flavor as well. paired with H‑E‑B seasoned fries in the air fryer. Good quick meal
  5. "Not even the fees for NATO entry...which I would appreciate if you put up personally. "
  6. And no broker in their right mind is gonna give him a full SBLOC on that position. Even that would only be 30% of the needed capital.
  7. Wife and I watched it last night after the kids went to bed. Apparently, she liked it enough to get naked and want some sexy time. That's good enough for me to enjoy it. That aside. I thought it was a fun summer popcorn flick. Thought Powell was pretty hilarious and showed he does have some solid acting chops. Bix was an absolute smoke show. Scarface dude from Walking Dead was pretty solid as a deadbeat, crooked cop. I'd give it a 7.5 in terms of something fun, new, and mildly original.
  8. Area between Belton and Georgetown got throttled this morning
  9. But if she does Dallas, we'll all be out of the drought.
  10. Oh no doubt. The short sellers 4 years ago weren’t wrong about GME. It was a functionally bankrupt company. Now, the shorts did get way too greedy. Why continue holding a short position in a stock that was trading at 4? the infinite gamma squeeze was a mathematical function on market disequilibrium. But the company is not worth investing in.
  11. Dude is turbofucked. You can bet the likes of BlackRock and Goldman will make sure those options expire worthless even if they have to take a puppynuts loss.
  12. He’s having a pretty tough day today
  13. THey smoke the chicken and then when you order it, they flash fry it to crisp up the skin. It's absolutely fantastic
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