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  1. No doubt, I’m aware of that. I’ve said as much 10 times on this thread. Just re-breaking everything down for our resident genius that can’t seem to grasp what’s going on. he had already won in his own mind…twice. By playing the poor victim and earning the short sentence and then by freeing his mind and conscience, and winning back Kim’s respect. The king of cons at the Pen is just the chef’s kiss.
  2. I don’t think you understand that he knows he’ll never be anything either way (7 years or life). He’d be un-hireable as anything other than a short order fry cook. He’s not gonna have any money after the government takes it all to give to Schroeder/Gomez estates. He can live like a king in prison or live like a schnook on the outside. And he gets to redeem himself to Kim. Other than money and himself, and maybe longing for affection/assertion from Chuck, Kim is the only thing on earth he actually ever cared about.
  3. Where’s his own bed gonna be?
  4. He spits pride's bones out 2 days later
  5. That or they have a wife in their ear asking "What's going on" in every other scene.
  6. I wasn’t crying about shit. I asked a simple question and you chose to reply in a snide, petty manner. All is well.
  7. Let's cut a WR no one has ever heard of so they can get to 85. What a fucking dumb take.
  8. Revenues are great. What did your costs look like? Have any margin contraction due to higher input costs associated with items and labor?
  9. Still in the gray. Yet another Black and White scene.
  10. The “dumbass” chant on the bus was because Saul had probably got half their friends/families out of harsher sentencing. He was a hero to criminals. So they treated him like a king. His “lawyer buddy” asked him from the jump “where do you expect to get with all the evidence against you” and Saul said “on top where I belong”. Saul came clean, as much mentally as in reality, and freed his mind. Then he’s on the bus going to Federal Pound me in the ass Prison and the inmates treat him like a god. He still went out on top.
  11. I mean. Just wow. Saul talks them down by throwing the book back at them then still goes out on top in his own way because he’s the hero of the pen. Fucking perfect.
  12. Yep. I've gotten to where I only check this thread every other day or so because I don't want to get to the end of the discussion. Gonna be sad that the BBUniverse is dead and gone.
  13. Massive government bloat. There are at least 1mm unnecessary federal jobs. Go be productive. We talk about debt and fiscal responsibility but we’re gonna add more bloat to the federal payment schedule. Just absolutely, mind-numbingly stupid.
  14. Gotta generate degree $$ from all those accredited state-sponsored universities
  15. She wants more $$. That's it. Remember, they took Howard's name off the firm. Could be that she lost out on some contractual founding/limited partner benefits due to that. She wants that $$. She wants $$ from Kim just because. She wants Howard's rep back because that likely includes other $$ (perhaps a retrial of the Sandpiper case, which would get more $$). Pretty much the nuts and bolts there.
  16. Buddy of mine was there today for a tour. Grabbed this beauty of a pic.
  17. We need 90k fewer government and bureaucrat jobs, not 90k more
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