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  1. I’m also in a pinch but only need 1k, therefore saving you 500. Think about it
  2. What’s that house in the yard ? Pool house ? Shop ? Gang bang area ?
  3. lol was gonna say why would someone think those 2 states are in the same time zone
  4. South Austin’s mom: Best: The gangbang cum show Worst : when I fucked her asshole
  5. Is he dead yet ?
  6. Ok I’ll look into it, problem I have is sometimes when the water may be a bit low the high suction at startup sucks in some air when it drains the skimmer from sucking so hard (that’s what she said )
  7. So question , I have a pentair pump. When it starts up it goes into high speed then slowly throttles down to the speed it’s set at. Do they all do this now ? My last pump didn’t but was about 10 years older .
  8. Lol it s hilarious how he freaks out when someone disagrees or explains something then contends they are the ones losing their shit
  9. Seems like maybe you should take your own advice . Alot of people said they didn’t like the episode, but man you are being weird about a scooter getting stuck and dog posters .
  10. Look at your sinks there should be one with black rubber hose tapped in near ptrap, that’s clogged , unclog it. Just did it to mine
  11. Holy shit indeed , 2 years ? I’d be fuming , my 7 months drove me nuts .
  12. Laughed at Don Eladio saying I’d ask you to stay the night but I don’t want my breakfast ruined by ding ding ding ding .
  13. Bought the LG c1 77 oled Friday so only had it a few days . Such a huge difference between led, blacks are blacks and colors pop . Don’t think burn in is a big deal unless you are careless . Paid 2300 , almost bought in January at 3100 glad I waited .
  14. Made some of those pipes that spray the water thru the air , has made a difference , evaporation sucks though
  15. So is she fat or is she not ?
  16. Lol I’m fine I don’t really give a shit , I find it funny .
  17. The fact they never show Gus take a shit or piss bothers me the most , pretty sure that’s a requirement to live
  18. Just a weird thing to argue multiple posts about when you could basically pick apart every episode of breaking bad if you wanted to. Freaking teddy bear from Jessie’s girlfriend dads flight happens to land in Walt’s pool? Such horseshit.
  19. It’s a fictional story you know , stick to documentaries if it bugs you that much .
  20. Well then breaking bad wouldn’t make sense
  21. Did too , at first I thought gun was empty . Figured I wasn’t paying attention but guess not
  22. Wait he’s alive ! This show is bullshit they should have killed him in real life too
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