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  1. Yeah they looked impressive against a 4 th stringer and qb without an arm
  2. Just switched from 15 to 11 cents , 99 cancellation fee but that will pay for itself in about 2 months
  3. Who gives a shit if it goes to collections , they don’t have your ssn so no harm there , towing is all they could do .
  4. Why should a trust a smart banker like you? So I can end up in here ?
  5. Fucking cops , forcing men to take women on dates and listen to their boring stories for weeks just for a chance to fuck them
  6. If cell phones had any impact on airplanes you’d think they’d leave it up to people to turn them off ? No they would take them and lock them all away .
  7. I think Sf is beatable their win streak is against some pretty crappy teams . Gotta make Purdy look like a rookie and not turn it over ourselves .
  8. Don’t think they have much of a chance next week but purdy is bound to play like a rookie at some point
  9. Go ahead post the recruiting rankings the last 5 years for tcu compared to us dumb ass
  10. We have 10x the talent and facilities and couldn’t even make the big 12 title game so…..
  11. Can’t wait to watch mike whites playoff game this weekend
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