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  1. Feel like not keeping Monty is gonna be a big mistake
  2. My wife bought one , it’s nice sometimes if watching tv but nothing a few pillows couldn’t do , I’d say no considering they are 1k
  3. Romo blew his only chance at that award [emoji36]
  4. Are the qualifications for preforming the halftime show that you must not have been relevant in at least 10 years ?
  5. Huge rocking tits tend to do that
  6. They shoulda gone full Dan Campbell and went for it instead of kicking a field goal . Everyone knew the game was over with just a 3 point lead
  7. 49ers chasing the bills for 4 straight SB losses
  8. lol I’d be there if posted the exact same shit 3 times now like he did .
  9. Holy shit your constant bitching about people bitching about swift is just as annoying .
  10. Which makes no sense to me , you get to see her for maybe 1 minute ?
  11. Can’t they just eat ass at home like the rest of us ?
  12. Waiting for the Brittany Mahomes meltdown since she’s not getting as much air time.
  13. Think it’s called football , you should watch it .
  14. 49ers lucked out vs 2 less talented teams , doubtful they can make it 3 in a row
  15. Don’t cry to hard in your sleep tonight , Jfc
  16. Ok somehow that negates the absolute stupidity of those calls
  17. lol not kicking that field goal was fucking retarded and if you don’t see it then…..
  18. Yay fake tough guy Kermit the frog and the Taylor swift show vs douche Cali team
  19. Like an aggressive coach but Campbell overdoes it to a fault
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