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  1. MoJames

    USMNT 2024

    Did you guys really expect anything different?
  2. You mean 1 hour. Yup no one worth a shit lives in Norwood. Go ahead and pack some Acetazolamide.
  3. Been beyond busy at my new job. Season was rough, but ended on a nice run when we finally were healthy. I feel like the new ownership is just taking an approach of going after youth on the squad and in the managers office and trying to find a spark. I feel like Poch was just a caretaker between shots at young management and I'm sure that's what we should expect from these guys for the time being. Otherwise, I do really like the squad we have currently and think we are set pretty well for the future. It'll be really interesting to see how the entire EPL looks like in two years from a managerial standpoint with Klopp off this year and Pep rumored to be done after next.
  4. Did they ask Terry if he is coming back?
  5. Right?! Thank you Randi Trew for getting choked out. Time to watch Terry turn this thing around...
  6. Oh I've just been avoiding basketball since the West Virginia loss. Was watching an entertaining game between Houston and Baylor and popped over to the recruiting world to see what we were up to. As expected, we have plenty of assholes on the website, good job guys.
  7. Next year is going to be a riot. Was looking over the roster and Terry is either going to have to go wild in the transfer portal or we might be looking for a new coach early in conference play. If as expected Mitchell goes pro the only player with any significant playing time and experience is Hunter. I guess you could say Weaver as well at this point. We have 3 talented Freshman coming in. We have Chris Johnson as our only recruited Freshman who has looked fairly lost every time he has been on the court.
  8. The most frustrating part of the Terry decision is the way Ron Holland and AJ Johnson played their cards.
  9. RIP mens basketball. Fuck you Beard for ruining this.
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