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  1. Craziest stat is their payroll decreased.
  2. It was fun watching him try to link upcoming projects to previously successful HBO shows Like GOT but with wonder woman Like True Detective but with green lantern I hope it's entertaining, but only time will tell.
  3. Let's see how we respond. Table as of the January window closure.
  4. Yup got 12m on a player leaving on a free in the summer. And not a bad replacement
  5. Jorg out - was going to be out on a free this summer, so getting 12m for him is good business. Enzo has completed his physical, but no deal as of yet. Ziyech is in Paris completing a physical with a deal to PSG in the works.
  6. Next year's kits. Really like all 3. As well the 3 logo is confirmed to be leaving. Theory is the away with the black and blue will have black shirts and socks.
  7. My house last week. That's a trampoline frame.
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