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  1. Depends, super-flex absolutely. PPR absolutely not.
  2. 1-1 at half vs Wimbledon, both goals were PKs.
  3. https://reddit.com/r/chelseafc/s/dB4kNe5USK Guess one more lever to pull.
  4. Yeah. I'll give it a go, but if not I'm going to poke around a clue with google and see if I can figure it out. Most of the time Mon-Thurs I can get them. Fri/Sat I often find myself looking up a name I don't know. Sunday is hit or miss. Sometimes they flow, other times google is handy.
  5. Yay. Lukaku looks to be off to Roma. And maybe just maybe Cucu to manure.
  6. https://reddit.com/r/soccer/s/b1EhfpVNCf
  7. https://reddit.com/r/chelseafc/s/Cf5XOCbTi3
  8. It's raining at my house, glad I have a intact roof Porter's logic Most places it isn't raining Yeah but it is raining at my house, glad I give a shit about my roof Porter's logic Yeah but I study rain, and it's been down, so no need for a secure roof
  9. Ian with a yellow card for getting kicked.
  10. Holy shit. Still 4+ minutes left and only a 3 point goal differential, but we might get 3 points.
  11. Oh I'm just a troll. I enjoy pointing out the obvious seeing your walls get larger and larger. You are like the Derka of Oil and Gas.
  12. Also, thanks you the ineptitude of the Texas state grid, Colorado is looking to further improve their situation and continue to be able to have their residents not freeze to death. https://www.denverpost.com/2021/03/29/colorado-lawmakers-want-to-expand-electric-grid/
  13. Anecdotally, Colorado with record snow falls this year had no issues at all keeping the lights on. Sounds like it's a Texas problem, not an America problem.
  14. Yet here you both are, putting up walls of texts, after a post regarding what towns have the most EVs. Not sure anyone here cares what you guys forecast in regards to Energy use globally over the next 10-20 years.
  15. Oh I'm not sure what is going to happen in 10 years, just like you. That being said, you are often the to quickest to come shit on anything that suggests your way of life is going to change and/or be threatened. The loudest person in the room is the weakest person in the room.
  16. It's amazing how quickly those working in O&G came to this thread.
  17. I watched the first half. I'm not going to watch the second half. We played well for 45 minutes and should have been up 2-0.
  18. More I watch Chuk, the more he impresses.
  19. Casadei with an extra time winning goal for LCFC https://reddit.com/r/chelseafc/s/P1wLemO3OJ
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