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  1. First win for Chelsea at Goodison Park since 2017. First opening day loss for Everton since 2011. Kept a clean sheet with a quite a bit of questions on the back line. Everton put 11 behind the ball all day making our lack of creativity obvious. Overall a solid but unexciting win. All of the new additions looked comfortable. Quite a bit of chatter that we might break the record of a defensive player transfer fee for Fofana. De Jong isn't going to drop his salary and it appears this means he will move on and Chelsea is reportedly his preferred team. Werner is likely off to RB, CHO likely to LCFC or Southampton, Alonso is all but at Barca, Kepa likely to Napoli. Ampadu, Gilmour and Sarr likely off as well.
  2. Any recommendations on options travelling from the Airport to Neuro Vallarta?
  3. What's with all the Easter purple goalie kits.
  4. Xhaka leading the league in yellow cards already.
  5. Arsenal def the better team but that corner shouldn't have worked lol
  6. Top 5 Chelsea Liverpool Manchester City Arsenal Newcastle Bottom 3 Forest Fulham Leeds Golden Boot Winner Salah Biggest Surprise The last moment move of Ronaldo to Newcastle Biggest Flop Richarlison
  7. Thanks for the redirect. I took German in high school bc the Spanish teacher was a pederast.
  8. I'm sure they will just go back to HBO Go or whatever which is fine in my book.
  9. Well as I posted in the Rain thread, been a relatively benign fire season thus far in Colorado.
  10. Is this our World Cup Thread or did I just miss it? If so needs a title change. As well, saw this and guess I just missed it back in the day but needed to share it.
  11. Some kit news with numbers coming out today.
  12. Wait, when did they start an NIL program? Did Jimbo get a memo?
  13. Ok, I'm gonna head on back to the 9.95 board where more levelheaded discussions are going on like nasty chicken and how quickly we either turn on Gullette or the coaching staff pending his decision on Friday.
  14. Hey we need a place to see all these bets and comment on them as the season progresses. First bet needs to have futureman fisting himself if he loses.
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