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  1. Because snowiest of snowflakes describes about 90% of the U.S. population
  2. The best part of the Can't tonight sketch was when the St. Bernard dragged her off the set
  3. Park in a garage downtown and ride the train. If that scares you then you probably should just hunker down in your house
  4. My daughter and I were going to go, but we both have the coughing crud right now so probably not now.
  5. If the majority of the defendants were drag queens instead of Christian pastors and youth ministers I bet the ruling would have gone the other way
  6. It would be called the OU Sucks committee
  7. Im pretty sure that mental health issues will push your rate way up
  8. You should adopt the dogs and divorce the wife. It will be cheaper and you will be happier.
  9. It may be the western most school in the conference, but that does not make it the most western
  10. Maybe he has small hands like trump
  11. The plaintiffs should have him kidnapped and transported to some county that ends in stan. Then, they can set up a website where people can pay to have various disgusting and painful things done to him. That's probably the only way that they will ever see a dime.
  12. Just got through ordering my OU tickets. It was the usual shit show with the website. Tried on my computer using Chrome several times to no avail. Tried again using Edge to no avail. Finally used my phone and got it to work. The UT computer department must suck balls. I went ahead and ordered some Arkansas tickets for jollies.
  13. That seems like it would take a lot of time that could be better spent yanking it to porn
  14. Please let me know what time you run so I can have my grill out in the driveway to cook my steaks
  15. Do you mean the beer that is owned by Pabst Brewing Company and made under contract by Miller Brewing Company?
  16. I've been going to the same family-owned neighborhood Tex-Mex place since I was in high school. It's now my daughter's favorite Tex-Mex place.
  17. When I was 35 Eritrea wasn’t a country
  18. $30,000,000 in hundreds would only weigh 661 lbs
  19. The cartels own people to wash their money. I’m sure those people would be happy to take the $30 mil and have the cartels dispose of the bodies
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