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  1. According to what I read, the payload was the size of three buses. Based on that, it could carry a shit load of equipment that couldn't be crammed in a satellite or spy plane. Hopefully, we can recover the payload and find out what it was.
  2. In Texas possession and control of a vehicle is required as a condition for obtaining a bonded title. In addition, a vehicle with a lien is ineligible for a bonded title unless a lien release is obtained or the lien is older than ten years. No bonding company will issue a bond under your circumstances. More than likely some ghoul assumed the owner died in the hospital and he could get away with it.
  3. A few days ago I got a phishing email that slipped into my inbox. The usual shit that says I forgot to pay my invoice for the Apple iPhone I ordered and just follow the link below to review and pay the invoice. I just reported it as phishing and moved on. Well, apparently they sent it out to a whole shit load of technologically impaired old people and for the last three days I’ve been getting emails from people that replied all saying they didn’t order an iPhone. Fuck scammers and old people
  4. I'm sure some tv station would love to do a story on the evil power company freezing an old widow in the dark because they are not only evil, but stupid as well
  5. Does this mean the price of YTTV will be going down?
  6. I remember the Challenger much better as well. I was living in Manhattan at the time and still have this
  7. Web site was designed by a government contractor so it cost three times what it should and has 1/3 the features
  8. As it is with everything in ok I g streaming these days, I’m sure it will mean I’ll be paying more
  9. I'll be that guy. I was at that game. I hope we beat them so bad their permanent stands fall down.
  10. Yeah, if things keep going like they are now it won’t be too much longer until the Horns pass the Trojans as the GOAT
  11. Sounds like a perfect evening to me. I enjoyed the movie, but Best Picture, really? Has the movie making business really fallen that far?
  12. Streaming free on Peacock now so my daughter and watched it tonight. I hate Christmas, so I can get behind a movie with a drunk Santa that vomits and pisses off of his sleigh, and them fucks people’s shit up with skullcrusher. We really enjoyed it. It’s my new favorite Christmas movie. I’m going to watch this and Fatman every year.
  13. I almost get hit at least once a day on I-10 west by some dipshit using their phone while driving. I’m assuming that was you at least once
  14. We've known you a lot less than 28 years and we can't stand you
  15. Thanks. When I find myself driving in the left lane in front of you I'll make sure that I don't go slower than 60
  16. Every time an elected official mishandles a classified document they should be forced to take a 40 hour continuing education class on classified document handling
  17. My favorite food deserts are tiramisu, key lime pie, and peach cobbler
  18. Actually, that's not right. If you post on Surly you are definitely an asshole, but not "the" asshole
  19. Just keep a few Jehovah's Witness pamphlets in your pocket and pop them out if someone strikes up a conversation
  20. You need to get your facts straight. At first you say your sister is the only beneficiary, then you say the will list each of you with a third. It makes a difference. The life insurance is completely different than the will. It will have a named beneficiary completely outside of any will.
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