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  1. That looks God awful. Could they not mix in some teal while they were at it?
  2. They played more than one game in the tournament. Look at the full tourney stats and remember USA didn’t have to pitch against the best lineup in the tournament.
  3. So you’re saying that wasn’t a good pitching performance? The fuck out of here.
  4. And Trout is a loser? Did I do it right? Giving up 2 runs to the USA lineup is pretty fucking clutch. Perhaps you disagree.
  5. Japan shows once again that great pitching will always win out.
  6. Darvish is so choke in big moments.
  7. Come on Renegade. Keep it two runs.
  8. Same here about expecting a close play at the plate. The ball was hit hard, bounced off the wall directly to the outfielder, good throw to the cutoff man, etc. But Wheels was already dusting himself off by that point.
  9. There may be more than an elite few that would have scored on that play, but not many that would have made it so easily. Dude was pretty much at the plate when the cutoff man got the ball.
  10. Just awful. I haven’t been entertained at all. Booooooooooooo.
  11. Japan has more eyes on TVs / screens for this event and Ohtani is probably the biggest draw in the world.
  12. This is waaaay more important than a typical Angels game.
  13. The fighting Ohtani-sans are in deep shit. Fox not gonna like it if this holds.
  14. Oh for sure everyone else had the same thought, but you're the only one that can publicly state it and jinx it so bad it comes back to blow your dick off. It's like a superpower you have there.
  15. Popcorn should be seasoned with this... game changer.
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