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  1. Heckuva sweep of the 2 BYU matches instead of a split. Repeating 3-1 wins
  2. We can’t defend that setter dump
  3. That was some Texas Fight
  4. This set sucks Burn the tape. Get to set 4
  5. Make that block, block, long, long, block 6-1 BYU
  6. I’d wait and see how we look by season’s end. That’s another 2 months for Swindle.
  7. 16-9 Texas. BYU calls a quick TO again
  8. And Devin is in to start set 2
  9. She was blocked all over that first set. Put in Devin
  10. 28-26 BYU Wenaas needs to be benched.
  11. Halter is on her serve game tonight
  12. 24-23 BYU. Really nice time for Texas’ first block
  13. 23-20 BYU Texas wasted that challenge. Was not a single good angle on that And Wenaas is bad Wenaas again - in the net and then blocked
  14. 18-18 Texas serve game is stepping up
  16. Too much fucking tipping 18-15 BYU
  17. You said Nazis and Ana came running
  18. But do you have to rake wet forest floors?
  19. It’s the fucking Dumbledore quote, jackass. Jesussssss y’all are so annoying
  20. That’s the hope that this will affect maps in FL, LA, SC and maybe Texas.
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