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  1. Gotta hope beyond hope that the team is motivated to play for QE because they don’t trust or believe in Card
  2. Just rest QE until 2023. We’ll just lose games 63-56 all year along
  3. The last few years I’m pretty sure opposing kickers are at 90% or something against us. They do not miss
  4. Meh just shrug and move on. This is Texas now. We might never be good again?
  5. 23-0 over McClennan in 12 innings
  6. This is not gonna be an easy finish
  7. Another big win for Tonya Johnson over #15 Kentucky!
  8. Nothing more Texas the past decade than that
  9. I guess we have to go down 10 before we wake up
  10. This team needs to stop reading headlines. We are coming out like ass in the first half.
  11. Only when it’s good. When it’s bad it’s PK’s. Duh. Last week was PK half 1 and Gary half 2. Duh
  12. Excuse me, the correct term is Gavin Newsom’s sloppy seconds
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