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  1. Well you don’t really need a scholarship if she’s making $250k+ in NIL, you just have to manage your travel roster size, but I read there’s more recent scuttle she’s going to return to Stanford. Probably the best scenario if she doesn’t pick us
  2. Does it? Sounds like Gasso hedging her bets, just in case. That staff without Canady or Landry isn’t good enough to go into the SEC. Didn’t she take Keeney last year regardless of what Maxwell decided?
  3. Yeah the map now has some not getting it back until the 19th. Not quite Ike levels but pretty bad
  4. Apparently some snowflakes can’t take a fucking president immunity joke. FUCK YOUR FEELINGS
  5. I doubt it’s staged but someone just gave cover to make an attempt on Biden. These nut jobs don’t need much
  6. Pretty much a win for him if he can avoid saying “black jobs”
  7. No you see, Project 2025 only removes protections on libtard savings. Daddy Trump will protect theirs and not steal it for any reason. Their life savings of $370 is safe And if it disappears, well it was those dirty Jews who control the banking industry
  8. Most of us would fail a government drug test due to weed, but a convicted felon can be president. And a felon who sold our secrets to our enemies for cash at that.
  9. I have to vote for the child rapist to protect the children from the real child rapists
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