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  1. So he’d only be able to campaign and go to donor events in red states to avoid extradition? But not any red states with a Dem governor, like Kansas, Kentucky or Louisiana. So he couldn’t go raise money or campaign in swing states NC, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania or the big money states of New York and California. Love this plan
  2. Mulkey’s best shot is to blind Clark with some glittery rhinestone getup on Sunday
  3. This. They just reload with freshman and transfers. Players want to win rings so they’ll go where they have the best shot. It sucks but it’s no different than a Kentucky/Kansas, UConn/South Carolina, Bama/Georgia, etc. Catch up or shut up
  4. Sarah herself would have sunk that boat
  5. Guessing it’ll be Mac Morgan tomorrow to try to even the series. Bahl was basically perfect except for Goode‘s leadoff HR
  6. Yeah let’s not do this death by a thousand cuts / solo HR thing
  7. Someone let a sweep stay in their heads
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