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  1. If anyone is interested in the Tour Divide Race, here's a link: https://dotwatcher.cc/race/tour-divide-2024 If you haven't ever heard of it, pretty crazy. 2700 mile self supported race from Banff, Alberta Canada to the New Mexico/Mexico border with like 54,000 feet of climbing. They started on Friday at 8 am. The leader has managed 582 miles already. Dude's are insane in the membrane.
  2. Can he give me some money? $100 bills would be fine. Thanks. username - chef's kiss
  3. Great play under pressure by the 2nd baseman.
  4. Mango’s a hophead. Who knew? Maui enjoying a little r&r.
  5. That walk off was wide left of the center fielder, for sure.
  6. Haven’t seen a single “my bad” chest swipe yet today. Maybe the FSU pitcher should do one right now.
  7. That dude wants to suck trumps tiny mushroom. I garrontee.
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