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  1. Barron is a straight up bad ass motherfucker. JW seal of approval on that dude.
  2. jw4381


    Came in to Hopdaddy 512 IPA Waiting on my burger. We’ll see…
  3. About to land in ATX bitches! JSX is the shiznit.
  4. melted cheese is problematic with paper towels IMO
  5. Leftover carne asada fries with Christmas chile. Added some rotisserie chicken, extra cheese, and Valentina’s. sorry about the plate, but we’re out of paper. Reheated in the air fryer.
  6. That was 2 uncontested drops in a row. Right before Whitt's drop was a drop by J. Cook. Not good, Bob.
  7. jw4381

    Texas RB Talk

    You're goddamn right <gif>
  8. How many fucking Aussie punters are there?
  9. That hit on #12 was a hard nosed football play. Didn't hit him in the head, just took a hard shot he wasn't expecting, unfortunately. Hope he's ok.
  10. I was coming back to mention this. I think their main defensive game plan was to take him away.
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