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  1. No shit. These Husky fans need to go to the "This is who Steve Sarkisian is" thread if they need some ammo/instruction on how to do this properly. So far I'm not impressed. Of course, the Washington fans may all still be stoned and not realize yet that they're still playing football.
  2. Massive marijuana grow operation found in a church: https://www.wkyt.com/2023/12/01/massive-marijuana-grow-operation-found-inside-church-investigation-slowed-by-booby-traps/?outputType=apps
  3. No kidding! And then the dude goes 4-8 and she's like "I'm out of here!"
  4. American companies leaving the rest of the world in the dust:
  5. Too bad for him he wasted two years at Jimbo's clown college. Tennessee seems like they might be desperate enough to give his dad another big NIL deal.
  6. Have we had a wellness check on @Ghost of LL? The man has been known to OD on Aggie tears.
  7. Two things: 1) Fetterman's right regarding Menendez 2) he's come a long way since his stroke 3) fuck those who said he should resign etc .... 4) of course there's already a tweet in response that says "oh they definitely swapped out the original Fetterman." 5) OU sucks
  8. “Come on, loosen up, Sandy baby, you’re too tight..."
  9. Plus Texas should have several more national championships in football by than. Who knows how the world will react?
  10. Holy fuck. Newsome shreds in his opening. DeSantis is such a weirdo. How he managed to get into politics is really quite beyond me.
  11. We have a difference of opinion re: what constitutes a boost. I wouldn't call that a boost. If retweets something and people respond, that's Twitter functioning normally, just as it does when Obama or Taylor Swift retweet. When you said "boost" I thought you meant artificially gaming the algorithm in order to inflate a tweet's engagement.
  12. It's fine for us as fans of a team that is a "HAVE" (as opposed to a have not) to say screw you, Matt Rhule. But I think he's right in a more macro sense: the game is changing and we might not like where it ends up. I have my reservations even though I know the Longhorns will always have a place at the table.
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