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  1. I think this was a real turning point in American support for Ukraine. It reminds us so much of when the Continental Army took over airports during the Revolutionary War.
  2. For fuck's sake, pits are packing heat now?
  3. Real shame about the rules because I have an awesome story about that time the stupid son of a bitch @futureman and the mean son of a bitch @closetojumping were assfucking some slutty nuns at the Alamo while socialist marxist Robert Francis O'Rourke and neonazi cuck fascist Ted Cruz were gay aborting babies. But I guess that's too good for your readers.
  4. ST VI is a lot of fun for sure, but over WOK? That is a bold opinion my friend. Even if Wrath of Khan didn't have Dathon (of Darmok and Jalad fame) I've literally never met anyone who doesn't have that as their favorite. I do agree with you that Search for Spok is under-rated. It has its issues but I think my favorite part of any ST movie is in Search for Spok: Torg : My lord, the ship appears to be deserted. Kruge : How can that be? They're hiding! Torg : Yes, sir. The ship appears to be run by computer. It is the only thing that is speaking. Kruge : Speaking? Let me hear it. Enterprise computer : [Torg walks over to a console, placing his communicator towards it] 9-8-7-6-5... Kruge : [shouts] Get out! Get out of there! Get out! Enterprise computer : 2-1... [the Enterprise bridge explodes] makes me giggle every time.
  5. Not sure if popular or unpopular but the recent trend of "What the fuck is wrong with you..." titles in the DT is fucking stupid.
  6. I don't think baseball is a great comparison to basketball in terms of impact of tanking. Those Lastros years were of course great at generating players that would be an impact in several years while playing in the minors. Altuve is (I think?) the only real contributor to even the 2017 teams that was on the real bad teams. His whole being is built on hustle, effort, and competitiveness so there was minimal impact of a losing culture on him. With basketball you have the players on a shitty team that you also expect to contribute to a winning team, at least a select few. I do think there is a real risk of Green, Smith, other young guys being damaged by shitty culture / coaching. It can be hard to flip a mental switch when the org says "Ok, now start playing hard" when you've been allowed to coast for years.
  7. I agree with you from a "lack of Russian response" view point but I think the bolded is real big line to cross for domestic support. I know both Republicans and Democrats who support our current involvement and are ok with sending more support but a big part of this is the "no American lives are at risk" element. I suspect those who are making the decisions on how much to send and who to crew what we send are taking into consideration this domestic support as much as perceived Russian reaction.
  8. If the question is literally "The government is concealing what they know about..." then it is a stretch to call that belief in a conspiracy. A lot of the time information would be concealed for pure CYA, other times may reveal intelligence capabilities / sources, etc., other times there may be valid reasons. The easy example is 9/11. I don't think there was any conspiracy to allow the attacks to happen, nor do I believe even stupider shit like the buildings were rigged, the pentagon was hit by a missile, etc., but I certainly believe there was intelligence about possible attacks that was shared internally but not publicly. That's kinda the job of the intelligence community. Doesn't mean they didn't fuck up w/r/t the sharing process.
  9. Negged just for the rare opportunity for all rep possibilites.
  10. Attention @HornOnTheBayou to the LOLZ courtesy phone please...
  11. That's weird you haven't heard of it. It was a big hit for Nintendo back in the day.
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