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  1. buncha potato farmers wearing adidas on their legs, trying to find rotate on a soviet tank. this is not a worthy adversary.
  2. based on the combat footage that gets posted, seemed like a lot were helicopters getting struck by stingers.
  3. i don't think god loves us enough to get johnson out. i bet he ekes it out
  4. What about independent farmers that harvest their pineapple grenades or a local zoo leasing out its tiger tanks. Are they not benefitting here?
  5. Yeah, that fucking piece of SHIT ASS FACE would make my goddamed blood BOIL by his FUCKING INSISTENCE of using informal terms when addressing people.
  6. Long live military industrial complex. DDE didn’t know shit about fuck.
  7. Who says they ever had anyone good? We sent them tanks and intel. Other than that, they just threw bodies in WWII. We made nukes, they Rosenberg’ed that tech. We went to the moon, they collapsed under the weight of trying to keep up.
  8. it's not dumb to think fetterman loses a few votes because of his stroke.
  9. Interesting to see if this hurts or helps him. On one hand, bortion. But on the other hand, demonstrating a willingness to advocate for laws he has no intent on following himself.
  10. Given he said escape goat twice, I think he really thinks it’s that. Ah. Estonian. Non native speaker. Apologies.
  11. This is how tank warfare should go in reality from here on out. In a world where someone is armed with America’s weapons a tank should be the last place on planet earth you would want to be. Every platoon you go up against from here on out will have easy access to multiple javelins. If I was russian I’d abandon it the first second I could. it’s like the LST landing crafts from World War II. The joke was that it stood for a large slow target. That’s all the tank is now.
  12. Seriously though, rivalries aside, I hope Venables is okay
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