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  1. i think guns themselves have become such a symbol of a lot of things -- freedom like you say plus a million other things. as long as we keep doing this: to put guns in such a weird elevated place, we will be in this intractable situation. no one poses with their hammers. no one brags to their friends that they know the uses of different grit of sandpaper. guns just hold this outsized fascination with the public and it makes a unique problem when trying to get a solution.
  2. you'd pass 24 time zones and the international date line. so you'd lose a day and gain a day. or gain a day and lose a day. either way, net 0.
  3. It is certainly true that we have seen NO evidence that they two are unrelated. Craig James has yet to deny that he is related to Shane James.
  4. At least Mendoza at the end acknowledges out loud finally what everyone is thinking. Should we have gone in and had fewer of us go home so that more kids could have.
  5. It’s not like they remember that for the article. They got it from the report. That means someone actually went back and put down in writing COULDNT APPREHEND SUSPECT BECAUSE SOMETHING WAS IN THE WAY
  6. Seriously. WTF does that mean? There was a barrier in the way so we didn’t arrest him?
  7. looks to me like that linkedin profile from earlier is right. that's just the psychotic version of the handsome dude in the profile pic.
  8. "I bet it will have so many uses! Now that I think about it, it better have an incognito mode too."
  9. how much of a power move would it be if we could do some and get one or two of those guys back over here for prosecution.
  10. fun bit of trivia: the tyrannosaurus was closer in time to us than to the stegosaurus.
  11. *jump a bit. I mean, we were debating how his timeline from SA to Austin was even possible. This dude could drive.
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