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  1. More like a small town/rural stereotype. Most of us in urban areas see highways, strip malls, SUVs/trucks, suburban sprawl, fast food, etc.
  2. All the other engineering buildings looked great compared to the Woolrich building where Aerospace Eng was when I was there in mid-90s. Looks like Aero has moved to another building.
  3. Yeah, the panel gaps have become a meme now. The people still seem to flock to Tesla though since their 4-year-old cars are selling for the same price as new ones. Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, etc. have their own reliability issues; Tesla's seem to be more cosmetic.
  4. True to silicon valley roots, I see that you are a fan of binary numbers. Stanford and Cal are all about Olympic sports, and of course academics, research and the startups. Nobody will miss football.
  5. Tesla virtual power plant Emergency Load Reduction Pilot | Tesla Support Get paid $2/kWh during emergency events. There are about 50,000 powerwalls with about 500MWh to draw power from. With vehicle-to-load options from others such as Ford, there is a quite a bit of potential to share the energy during emergencies or peak power situations.
  6. My brother lives in Seattle and I visit him at least once a year. So, flight leaves Bay Area, everything is sunny, announce that they are landing in Seattle. Go through clouds and no more sun. Aahh, back in Seattle. Descend some more and there is another layer of clouds. It is getting darker. Descend some more and another layer of clouds. And another. Four layers of clouds making midday look like twilight.
  7. Brilliant! We should have rubber bands engaged during the day when the solar panels are on the clock providing energy to keep the rubber bands getting tauter and tauter. As soon as the solar panels punch out in the evening, we release the rubber bands, which will cause the windmills to act as millions of turbojets to spin the earth right around its axis to get to morning within a minute, thereby putting those solar panels to work again hence doubling their utilization and reducing cost by 50%. Win, win! The guys on the other side of the planet may grumble about always being left in the dark, but that's why we have a dominant military.
  8. KD was the MVP of those championships. They have very balanced team this year combined with playing against teams without playoff leadership. KD came within a toenail of single-handedly leading Nets to finals last year. KD was needed against the opponents they faced then. They needed a shot creator against Lebron's teams.
  9. good starting word made it easy Wordle 360 2/6*
  10. Put that way, our SEC pod is mighty unattractive.
  11. Yep, very frustrating. My second loss Wordle 357 X/6*
  12. I was down to two choices for the second attempt but guessed wrongly. Wordle 345 3/6*
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