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  1. Who trained the Kabiles? We teach all the dirty stuff because we don't like doing it. But we are teaching it.
  2. https://irp.fas.org/crs/soa.htm Just a bunch of dictators in South America happened to graduate from there. You know awesome US foreign policy
  3. The School of the Americas was such a blessing for South America...........
  4. As much as I hate aggy. I love the ball 5 chant
  5. Haha. Im US born. Work in tech. Did 10 years in the navy. Every time I tell someone I was in the Navy. I get the reply oh yeah, what country?
  6. The Chinese are doing this shit right now because the country is weak and they know our two biggest assets. The two seawolfs are tied to the pier right now. It's now or never. If the two seawolfs were out to prowl they would sink that entire fleet.
  7. I participated in "the defense of Taiwan" war games 10 years ago. I'm pretty sure a lot has changed since but it focused a lot on the fast response. 100 miles is a lot of ground to cover though.
  8. Who is gonna be mad at 10 million dead Chinese when it will save possibly 50000 American lives
  9. As soon as that invasion force sails I would tell China they have 10 minutes to turn around. I have all my missiles pointed at the 3 Gorges Dam
  10. 300k vehicles? Are the Chinese insane? Taiwan would surely capsize.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wowt.com/2024/02/24/construction-omahas-warhorse-casino-ahead-schedule/%3foutputType=amp And not the Wynn's. The Adelsons. Tillman is a paper billionaire who will take over Houston. He is going to plop that thing in Kemah. The Adelsons will take over Dallas
  12. Which end of the state are you looking for?
  13. The Wynn's have fuck you money. They bought out the Mavs for that sole reason. Gambling to Texas is coming
  14. The first casino opens in two weeks in Nebraska. It's a Harrah's in Columbus. Omaha has one opening in the fall.
  15. First time in a tornado shelter yesterday. It was eerily calm before the sirens started going off. Not a fan. The bars were packed afterwards though
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