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  1. I haven't been the same since they turned my PrimeCo into a Motorola
  2. I think back then China was cheaper and easier to bribe. Early 90s Mexico you probably get half of your supplies stolen after you bribed them. China was looking for investment as long as you turned a blind eye to slave labor and your stuff would get there.
  3. Then we find out how much actual pollution and how shitty the conditions are in the manufacturing world. We export manufacturing to Asia not because it's cheaper but it's easier to not give a shit about how it is being made.
  4. How many countries are you currently fucking?
  5. I recently watched a movie in Mandarin that basically glorified the "watchers". The premise is the guy can slow down time enough to be able to see things his other CCTV monitor coworkers couldn't see. I guess I wasn't surprised that they made it into propaganda to say the cameras were for their safety.
  6. Just watching these protests. It's not gonna end well for the citizens. They are going to go in and just stomp the citizens to a pulp. It's a tried and true formula that has worked for China before and there is no reason why it's not going to work again
  7. And if anyone wants to know why this Navy hero was at a gay bar. It was because he was a submariner and when the boat surfaced he was the only single dude after the deployment
  8. Let me guess. You designed the guidance system for a missile system and you feel terribly guilty about it? Like I've read it off a script or something or heard about ar a bar in Kemah
  9. The only thing is I think it's the awakening of the Chinese. They dealt with Hong Kong and I guess we can refer to it as the "bad child" policy but a lot of mainland China had the attitude of not us and why didn't they just listen. If they would have complied then nothing would have happened Now it's in their backyard it's a much bigger picture to ignore. But it starts and ends with Shanghai
  10. Yeah the dude that says I don't care about people dying turns out to be a fucking weapons manufacturer. I mean yeah I guess it will be ok if I get targeted by him as long as the kinetic weapons he's built isn't high capacity or has a high firing rate it's ok.
  11. I think there is something really weird going on in China that I don't think anyone understands. Like zombie shit weird. Why would you lock down your entire country still when the rest of the world has figured out how to deal with COVID
  12. Their government was never the issue. Through our 5000 year of culture. You think 70 years of Communism means a thing?. The rich rule. Every thing runs through Shanghai. China won't fall. Xi holds some weird cards right now
  13. yeesh. ok that might have been an over reaction. and like i said. I should've bowed out of this thread days ago. my bad my apologies.
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