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  1. round eyes, full hearts can't lose
  2. https://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/27793196/the-incredible-survival-story-deandre-hopkins-mom here is the ESPN article.
  3. if i remember correctly, she was caught in a love triangle. The other woman found her at a gas station and threw chemicals. Bleach and lye at her. Woman got 20 years.
  4. We have those at Amazon. It displays the temp and let's you dial it to whatever you want. The user gets the experience that he is in control, but it only can be changed by logging into BMS.
  5. Some say he is a freedom fighter. Others say he is a terrorist. Only you can sikh the truth
  6. He is the very definition of a wolf in sheep's clothing. I hope someone shits on his grave everyday
  7. Yeah, I hate when the headcoach is calling plays. Do your job and be a head coach.
  8. Modi should have sikh Biden's permission to assassinate the activist. That's the only reason they are upset. Doesn't curry any favors. In other news, The Indians(dots, not feathers) are pretty pissed off at the US right now. We found out she hired a nanny for basically slave wages. So she got arrested for visa fraud and deported. She claimed she was strip searched and treated like an animal. Expect some titties for tatties on diplomats getting expelled
  9. The SEC chants is fucking stupid. We need to teach the students it is not ok to be chanting that shit
  10. Or they could round up a bunch of wild boars. Have a running of the boars in the tunnels. Anyone with suicide vests wouldn't dare to blow themselves up because getting parts on you at time of death makes you unclean and no heaven for you. Mount cameras on the boars.
  11. Hook up some 16 inch hoses to every tunnel opening. Draw the water from the sea. Flood them out. Every "hidden" spot will get exposedm
  12. I don't understand the under usage of Keilan Robinson. Whenever he is on the field he breaks out big chunks of yard. Looks to have decent hands out of the backfield too.
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