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  1. I think part of it is QA and the other part is devs are a bunch of whiney ass bitches. Anytime there is new implementation to prevent stuff like this from happening. They complain about the burden it puts on them and how their boss doesn't know shit and they should be the ones approving the code any ways.
  2. I think he expected to be caught and not get as far as he got. He didn't expect to get a blow hole.
  3. I think the 3 musketeers have already told this story.
  4. His ear will be buried with full military honors next to Benedict Arnold's leg
  5. Yeah. It makes sense. Just saw the counter sniper video. Trained shooter vs untrained shooter
  6. Yeah. If the shooter had any type of training it would be a different story today. 8 shots from 130 yards and missing is absurd. With modern optics and getting the gun sighted in. It's an easy shot.
  7. If you aren't willing to spend money on a generator because of how little you think you would use it. Buy a cheap inverter from Walmart and use your car as a generator. It will power up most of your basic needs
  8. Wait til those tree trimmers start getting book deals and are too busy to cut down your trees. You'll acknowledge them as first responder you plebes
  9. Who trained the Kabiles? We teach all the dirty stuff because we don't like doing it. But we are teaching it.
  10. https://irp.fas.org/crs/soa.htm Just a bunch of dictators in South America happened to graduate from there. You know awesome US foreign policy
  11. The School of the Americas was such a blessing for South America...........
  12. As much as I hate aggy. I love the ball 5 chant
  13. Haha. Im US born. Work in tech. Did 10 years in the navy. Every time I tell someone I was in the Navy. I get the reply oh yeah, what country?
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