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  1. I thought I knew all there was to know about strategic warfare after becoming Shogun MULTIPLE times on medium difficulty as a mere teenager, but some of you talk like you mastered the more complex Medieval and Rome Total War editions as well.
  2. I should finish sanding my drawers today. For anyone considering a DIY cabinet face-lift, it is not particularly challenging or technical. I am not handy. It does, however, take probably as long as you would expect. I'm 3 months in. I've worked steadily, but certainly not constantly, other than the week or so sanding and painting the boxes. Try to be as deliberate as possible, even when you really can't imagine another minute of sanding/painting/cleanup. I also should have probably labeled the doors and hinges, due to small differences in size. Once I get these drawers painted, I just need to install some floating shelves without destroying the backsplash, and my project will be complete!
  3. Kind of a mixed feelings story about barred owls. They are so successful and have expanded westward across the continent the last century, with tree planting and fire suppression, that they are now threatening the endangered spotted owl. The barred owl is larger, and will kill, outcompete, and hybridize with spotted owls, which also suffer from loss of old-growth forest. To combat this, nearly half a million barred owls are to be culled where the two species overlap.
  4. I really just can't with these young voter interviews. Voting third party has never made less sense than it has for the last 8 years. The 3rd party candidate is also an old, white, "elite" who seems absurdly unlikeable and has literal brain worms. Vote in a fucking primary or vote 3rd party in some local races if you want to express dissatisfaction with the two-party system, you fucking morons. I was perhaps more of an idealist a decade ago, but I sure as shit never considered voting for Gary Fucking Johnson. There's a reason third party candidates don't ever get a significant percentage of the vote. They aren't serious people with serious platforms, so stop pretending otherwise. I know this rant has been repeated ad nauseam, but goddamn, young "adults", get your shit together.
  5. The house we moved into was also built in 94. So many wires of unknown purpose.
  6. I've got some sort of ash in the front yard we inherited when we moved in last year. It already looks like trash and my plant friend said it will probably die soon and need to be dug up.
  7. I was mid-project when I saw your cabinets in the Dad thread and thought "Damn, I hope mine turn out half as nice as those."
  8. Good point. With a 2 year-old boy, and another coming soon, all of our shit is about to get wrecked.
  9. You think I'm making those decisions? I am welcome to make suggestions that may or may not be considered. In all seriousness, we weren't sure we were going green on the bottom when we started. We (lol) also pulled a cabinet off the wall left of the windows and brought the backsplash up, eventually planning on putting up a pair of floating shelves. In person, the new backsplash looks far better and less dated. I did not put it in, BTW. That shit looked not fun to do.
  10. Needed to touch up paint on a couple doors, then get the drawers sanded and painted. There are some imperfections if you get up close, but pretty happy with the transformation.
  11. They grab crawfish out of the little stream in our neighborhood park. You can find them around any pond or creek east of 35 from April-August or so. Cool dudes.
  12. On NPR right now... Florida man, who is benefiting from Obamacare, is happy for Trump to get elected and lose his insurance to do what is best for the country because he's "not selfish". Will simply remarry if he needs help finding Health insurance. Sounds like quite the catch!
  13. Who says the GOP doesn't have a platform!
  14. At this point I know these people exist. I don't understand it, but I've come to grips with the fact that they are real. But when I actually read the things they say, it hurts my brain. It makes no goddamn sense. How did we evolve to become the dominant lifeform on the planet when a huge chunk of the human population has such dysfunctional thought processes?
  15. The helicopter ride is pretty cool. It does kind of suck that they're such a constant presence though.
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