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  1. Is it just me or is that just the actual weather. Not really a forecast when it only goes to the current time... Regardless looks like we got that pocket headed toward us
  2. it's annoying they're going to get momentum off that...Czech needs to shut them out here
  3. She walks in a run and we swing first pitch. not a great look
  4. If that's a hold they're going to call, can't wait to see how many of those we get tonight........
  5. He's never on the ground...why do announcers not watch the replay
  6. I understand that, but if it were a dead all PF why were both penalties not enforced? They pick one when multiple penalties happen during the play, but when there's a PF it usually tacks on. Still don't get it
  7. Can someone explain why that was 4th down? The penalty occurred on 2nd, so then that 24 ye pass should have been after replaying 2nd down. Then it should have been 3rd and 1 instead of 4th and 1
  8. Buck and Aikman don't see that Dixon held up at the line of scrimmage to kick it
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