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  1. Also back in my day we just smear Icy hot in kids jock straps. Kids are ruthless today
  2. I don’t ever wanna hear anyone again bitch that this team doesn’t have killer instincts. We have actual legit proof of sark trying to shut yall up and you still bitch. fk surly what do yall want
  3. Xbox is for android owners. Poors. sorry yall are poor.
  4. Band geeks justifying the coolness factor is a new surly I didn’t envision today in sarks thread
  5. Prob Carson Beck from GA since he’s likely gonna be the top heisman candidate
  6. In my portfolio we are starting with tech maturation for the habitable worlds observatory with the sole purpose and focus on finding this. I believe it will be focusing on the “Goldilocks” zone
  7. Had a brief convo on this yesterday. Thinking about the folks that engineered and built this are no longer alive is wild. I work with some of the chief engineers are the JWST and I asked if we could replicate this feat with today’s tech and engineering. He said no lol too much shit to break and go wrong I’m sure he said it in jest. But pretty wild 46 years and still “working”
  8. It’s obvious the people advancing this tech didn’t grow up watching terminator
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