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  1. Wasn’t there like 12 weeks where the cowboys opponents didn’t have a hood called against them playing against Dallas.
  2. Guys I was on vacation talking to a 17 year old kid and his family about football. As a grown ass man I’m not displaying pedophilia traits at all
  3. Meh the refs didn’t call a holding penalty on Dallas opponents for like 10 weeks straight. The nfl is a joke and mostly unwatchable the only reason I’ll turn the Super Bowl on is because I bought squares and I need to bitch and complain that I fucking drew a 1 and a 5 as my numbers probably
  4. Football fucking sucks. This is the worst
  5. Tried to tell ya. My source has been spot on. Duce is coming
  6. Obviously. Women have all the power. Big bad scary nfl player. Some chick who’s prob drunk throwing hands acting like a dude. Instead of laying her out cold he pushed her away. Bam Popo. He beat me I’m afraid for my life. that’s why women act a fool today. They have a get out of jail free card legally and with society
  7. I hope pollard heals and we keep him. If we don’t fuck this team
  8. Would it have been socially acceptable to punch him in the face if he came at you? I always wondered how many 12 year olds I could take before I got overwhelmed
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