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  1. You don’t just waltz into farliegh fucking Dickinson and think you’re gonna whatever you want
  2. Noah brown gone. But if there’s one place we see good at its wr. We are deep there
  3. Already bought my tickets to the final four
  4. Sgt Hulk


    I haven’t been back to this show until today so glad I picked up with a fucking priest beating the fuck out of a little girl. Fuck man
  5. We had a qb with a separated shoulder throwing to a wr with a broken hand and still won 8 games should’ve been more. No doubt we mud hole
  6. Obviously not Sec good. He’s better suited in. Insert conference not sec here
  7. Sgt Hulk


    This comment is laughable
  8. All you gotta do is what the nfl draft. The top 20 players taken have a story about how everyone they’ve ever loved is dead and they had to fight dogs in the streets for left overs. Cmon it’s in the data
  9. That Byron jones tweets are sad as shit to read
  10. CSB. Jena is a family friend and have hung with her and brooks before. They really are regular people with just a fuck ton of money lol
  11. Is clinton in rough shape? i thought he looked ok for his age, of course being married to who he's married to would kill anyone. But I thought he was in decent shape for his age I met GWB a few years back I think he's around until his 90's
  12. I’ll take that bet. Todays medicine the only one I see going is the current who’s basically one foot in and brain dead now. No CR the dude literally can’t speak
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