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  1. Time for my embarrassing chime in, and this thread I have been watching. I was 6’2” and 284 in January. Down to 246 now. Fasting from 7p until noon. Making sure I get in 12k steps a day(almost All in the morning before my fasting is complete because science) and haven’t eaten out since January (I live 35 miles from work so it’s a struggle). I have always had broad shoulders and a bigger frame so my goal is about 210-220. Hoping for this goal by TX vs OUsux game. I got down to 200 25 years ago and my mom said I looked like I had aids. Thanks mom.
  2. He is the worst dressed so far, but I havent seen jason day yet in my limited viewing.
  3. Didn’t know you were old enough to be there for that. You don’t act old, that’s for sure.
  4. PSA: Make sure your burner email account is signed up for the NHL Shop and Fanatics. Last year in (I think) August they had a 2 day sale on the black Dallas Stars hoodie the players were wearing all season long. It was half off with free shipping. I was under $40 to my front door from the NHL Shop.
  5. Get in the water with a group of people. When the shark comes, you dont have to be the fastest swimming, just at least the 2nd slowest.
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