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  1. This is not in any way a phenomena unique to the right. This describes all modern media. It’s all propaganda. But certainly support the posters here getting to the bottom of the underlying financing.
  2. Ah yes. The BBQ food truck business model.
  3. Not related to this particular topic at all, but Bill Ackman is a degenerate and needs to be shot into the fucking sun.
  4. The amount of gaslighting the basic concepts involved is amazing.
  5. Our politicians clown themselves. LOL at the 92 "present" votes.
  6. Relevant to the recent exchange. Also longer clip worth a listen over your cup of coffee.
  7. I don't think that anybody here has really argued that the IDF and Hamas militants are perfectly equivalent. They are clearly very different types of terrorist organizations.
  8. Don’t forget to put in for a couple reservations for NYE dinner. Shit is already tight.
  9. Exercise in delusion listening to these two ass clowns.
  10. We in and I am eating the fuck out of some gumbo and ass in NO.
  11. Peace out bitches. Enjoyed the first and the last.
  12. Those are not active bills, but I think that this exemplifies aspects of our political dysfunction. We both agree that DTC advertising needs to go away. The solution, imo, is not selective tax code manipulation. Creating selective rules for how deductions for expenses work for different industries will only increase the complexity and incoherence of the tax code. Just straight up address the issue head on and ban it. The BMDAA similarly skirts the fundamental issue. This all rolls up under the IRA, which I acknowledged. I think that the IRA approach wrt negotiation is prone to unintended consequences, but am willing to see how it shakes out. The price cap on insulin has been discussed in other threads. It's wrongheaded in that it does not actually cap the costs, it just caps the cost share. Which will just result in increased premiums or other costs for those on Medicare and have no impact for those without coverage. If you want to cap the price of insulin, all for it. Cap the price of insulin. IRA does not do that. HSAs are awesome, and we should expand access to them, esp for younger workers. This response doesn't have anything to do with generating data supporting price finding as part of the drug approval process.
  13. That is certainly one way to say it. Another might be that NGOM "is not an objective watchdog: It is a partisan operation that suppresses its perceived ideological adversaries through the sophisticated use of McCarthyite techniques – blacklisting, guilt by association and selective filtering of facts" (Didi Remez). They basically try to shit on and undermine any group that attempts to report on human rights in the Occupied Territories, including groups like B'Tselem.
  14. Anastasis


    Why did the city make them get rid of a seasoned flat top?
  15. That article is fucking nuts. "Sorry Ahmed, see there is this thing called a receiver operating characteristic plot, and well, you know...." On Oct. 22, the Israeli Air Force bombed the home of the Palestinian journalist Ahmed Alnaouq in the city of Deir al-Balah. Ahmed is a close friend and colleague of mine; four years ago, we founded a Hebrew Facebook page called “Across the Wall,” with the aim of bringing Palestinian voices from Gaza to the Israeli public. The strike on Oct. 22 collapsed blocks of concrete onto Ahmed’s entire family, killing his father, brothers, sisters, and all of their children, including babies. Only his 12-year-old niece, Malak, survived and remained in a critical condition, her body covered in burns. A few days later, Malak died. Twenty-one members of Ahmed’s family were killed in total, buried under their home. None of them were militants. The youngest was 2 years old; the oldest, his father, was 75. Ahmed, who is currently living in the UK, is now alone out of his entire family.
  16. "Lets see how Earth responds to that" Some of you people just refuse to be entertained.
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