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  1. For a cut like a ribeye, not sure that the long cook periods is necessary. Just get it to core temp. For things like short ribs or shanks or something, longer cook times are common. For roasts (esp game roasts), I have found the texture that results when holding for long time periods like a couple days to be off putting, and kinda mushy. I don't think that there is any real health risk, it's basically an extended pasteurization. FWIW, I prefer a reverse sear prime rib done in the oven with a horseradish crust. I mentioned it on the other thread, but for prime rib, I want the clean beefiness of high quality meat to come through. If someone else is doing the work, I will STFU and eat that shit and be one happy motherfucker no matter how they cook it. But if I am spending $150-200 on the slab of meat, I am doing it in the oven and not the smoker.
  2. Backyard Jerry Lee Lewis memorial got a bit out of hand.
  3. MJ should be legal for rec purposes, but if we are going to treat marijuana as a medicinal, it needs to be subjected to the same standards in terms of evidence-based medicine. An interesting meta-analysis below, but what strikes me particularly is that the sample size after aggregating data from 20 studies is only N=1459. WTF. The scheduling in the US makes the necessary research challenging to execute. What ever happened with that component of Biden's EO? https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2799017 Abstract Importance Persistent pain is a common and disabling health problem that is often difficult to treat. There is an increasing interest in medicinal cannabis for treatment of persistent pain; however, the limited superiority of cannabinoids over placebo in clinical trials suggests that positive expectations may contribute to the improvements. Objective To evaluate the size of placebo responses in randomized clinical trials in which cannabinoids were compared with placebo in the treatment of pain and to correlate these responses to objective estimates of media attention. Data Sources A systematic literature search was conducted within the MEDLINE and Embase databases. Studies published until September 2021 were considered. Study Selection Cannabinoid studies with a double-blind, placebo-controlled design with participants 18 years or older with clinical pain of any duration were included. Studies were excluded if they treated individuals with HIV/AIDS or severe skin disorders. Data Extraction and Synthesis The study followed the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Review and Meta-analyses reporting guideline. Data were extracted by independent reviewers. Quality assessment was performed using the Risk of Bias 2 tool. Attention and dissemination metrics for each trial were extracted from Altmetric and Crossref. Data were pooled and analyzed using a random-effects statistical model. Main Outcomes and Measures Change in pain intensity from before to after treatment, measured as bias-corrected standardized mean difference (Hedges g). Results Twenty studies, including 1459 individuals (mean [SD] age, 51 [7] years; age range, 33-62 years; 815 female [56%]), were included. Pain intensity was associated with a significant reduction in response to placebo, with a moderate to large effect size (mean [SE] Hedges g, 0.64 [0.13]; P < .001). Trials with low risk of bias had greater placebo responses (q1 = 5.47; I2 = 87.08; P = .02). The amount of media attention and dissemination linked to each trial was proportionally high, with a strong positive bias, but was not associated with the clinical outcomes. Conclusions and Relevance Placebo contributes significantly to pain reduction seen in cannabinoid clinical trials. The positive media attention and wide dissemination may uphold high expectations and shape placebo responses in future trials, which has the potential to affect the outcome of clinical trials, regulatory decisions, clinical practice, and ultimately patient access to cannabinoids for pain relief.
  4. To some extent steam, ok, but there is more than just exhaust going on there.
  5. I think that the conclusions from the last discussion on the topic was that there is a magic oil fry situation occurring when the beef is elevated off the oil as opposed to the flat pan sear. Notice the deep and consistent mahogany coloring in brownwater's sear as compared to mine aboe finished in a flat bottom cast iron.
  6. This. I've tried to prefer the smoked version, and don't get me wrong I will eat the shit out of a smoked prime rib, but a properly cooked oven rib roast is superior and allows the flavor of high quality beef come through.
  7. Gonna document this recipe here cause this turned out pretty good and I might get laid tonight. I have yet to make a gumbo where I did not wish I took the roux darker. Founded around the Mrs Bs recipe:http://www.mrbsbistro.com/recipes_gumbo.php 3c oil/3c flour to make the roux, cooked in the oven a good bit of the way, finished on the stove top 2 onions 3 bell peppers 6 celery stalks 8 qts chicken stock, 6 made with the carcasses of the rotisserie chickens, 2 qts to supplement 3 links of sausage ~ 2 lbs 2 rotisserie chickens, could easily go to 3 2 tbsp creole seasoning 2 tsp black pepper kosher salt (recipe linked is too oversalted imo with the creole seasoning, so i just add to taste, very little). 1.5 tsp red pepper flakes 1.5 tsp light chili powder 1.5 tsp thyme 2 tbsp minced garlic 2 bay leaves 10 dashes of worsty sauce, based on this thread guidance Sausage in for an hour or so, chicken for another 30 minutes, added a bag of frozen okra and took it another 10 or so.
  8. The grill cast iron pan, huh? I sweatergawd that is the best method for getting that rich dark mahogany crust. Only problem with the grill pan I have is real estate, so I use the regular cast iron outside most of the time.
  9. Holy shit. Brisket fucking gumbo. Wow.
  10. How much roux for a 8 qts of gumbo? Does 3c oil / 3cup flour sound right. 2 roasted chickens, 2 lbs of andouille going in.
  11. Partially freeze and shave with a sharp knife. I've also had the butchers run a ribeye through the slicer but they look at me funny for some reason. I am also of the opinion that the following is very suitable, but needs to be heavily seasoned.
  12. Exercises in short attention span theater.
  13. Well I dropped in and bought it. Also walked through all my allocation requests to square up. I don't know what the specs point range at my store is, was told that I am near the top and H-town sent this particular store three bottles in this instance. Saw the top dawg corp wide at 998,800 or something. My account is *just* a bit below that. Made sure I was still on the 4 grain and WLW and BB lists cause those are my unicorns. I don't believe in selling bourbon or selling guns. But I would trade bottle and cash for one of my unicorns.
  14. It feels like it's been a while since I cooked some good cow flesh. Ribeyes, dry aged 35 days, reverse sear to 125ish and seared in scalding cast iron in avocado oil.
  15. you grew up in the late 80s early 90s too, huh.
  16. Meatball sandwich in between spelling quiz and jumping off to bball practice with the boys.
  17. Dude just sitting at the bar with his vodka and soda pulling on the vape and steps in. Cheers to that dude. Should never have to pay for another drink in that dive for the rest of his life.
  18. I don't know what their pricing was last year, but at $150 I need to be convinced by the brown water brain trust here.
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