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  1. lol. Ref has swallowed the whistle at this point.
  2. Bottom of barrel type poster. Total clown.
  3. Bullneck is one of these fucking idiots that self identify over and over again
  4. Debate next week gonna be fun watching us presidential candidates try to break their own backs.
  5. Congress: Tell us where the money went. DOD: We can't. rEminD mE aGaIn wHeRE dOd fUNdInG oRiGinAtEs
  6. Yes, first thing that comes to my mind as well when confronted with yet another breakdown in accountability and oversight at DOD.
  7. Anastasis

    Austin FC

    Not really clear to me what stuve was doing on that goal but it was nice head.
  8. Anastasis

    Austin FC

    lol at the no call at top of box.
  9. Anastasis

    Austin FC

    Damn. Cleated that dude in the face?
  10. How do we feel about Mexican martini? Cause I like Mexican martinis. Should I be ordering a margarita shaken and served up?
  11. yes, this. He's just a shill for the bean industrial complex.
  12. Beans in chili didn’t make the list?
  13. My suggestion previously was to let the sports and other boards be, but to shut that shit down in the CR and DT. It is the largest conduit for disinformation on this site.
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