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  1. Thanks. I missed what @Codaxx wrote, but our thinking is aligned. Of course, the offensive flip side is the same. If you can get the big bodies to protect the QB will enough and block the run well enough, you can force the defense to send and additional run stopper or QB pressurer, freeing up the skill players with more space (if the QB and receivers make the same, correct read.) But my original point was about the specific use of 425 (or 335 with a big, fast 3rd lb) vs Sark. I think the 5 trips him up s bit because he doesn't seem to commit to hammering the run against 6 run defenders. Maybe it's because he won't also use the QB as a run threat, but it seems we just miss smashing teams into the ground, then we stagnate late.
  2. Bit that's just it... If the playcaller isn't willing to take or force what's there via the run, he's playing to the defense. If the defense can just refrain from getting gashed in the run with 6 defenders, while playing an umbrella, that gives them a relative advantage.
  3. I've been a bit busy... Totally missed Marion to UNLV. I hope Sark doesn't abandon the two back concepts that seemed to really work when used (not enough, imo). I've been thinking about the Sark offense and I hope I'm wrong, but it seems like his offense can be safely defended by a traditional 425 cover 3 defense if there is a decent pass rush and the backers don't need a lot of help in the run game. Sark's goal is to run the ball well and then set up deep PA shots. If the safety doesn't have to support the run, the 3 deep shell keeps the big play from happening, so everything is thrown underneath coverage or between coverage levels, which, if the defense can dictate, allows the defenders to know where throwing lanes are and get chances for tips and/or QBs making the wrong decision. And when the pass is completed, it's underneath where the is help to make the tackle. To be continuously successful, the QB has to make the right decision about 75% of the time and drive the field OR rely on 50/50 deep shots converting because everything works (WR gets by defender, ball is well placed, catch is made, no holding at LoS, etc.) I hope I'm wrong, but I feel like the offense requires consistent high level execution by high level players. It seems difficult to maintain and simple to defend the concepts, which is why our 2nd half production falls off against teams with decent LBs and a deep zone defense. We had two NFL RBs and couldn't get our PA/RPO game off. The (simple in my mind) fix is more flood concepts in the pass game with counter/power run play action away from the flood side, forcing the LBs into conflict, and outnumbering the defensive backfield. I suppose it could be Outside Zone away from the Flood, too... But Sark is an Inside Zone enthusiast (despite Bijan being significantly better running OZ behind our OL). I don't know anything. Not a coach. Could be easy off, but that's how I'd defend him and that's how I'd counter my own defense. Back to work. F the offseason.
  4. Is it too much to ask that we just win this bitch every season on the way out? Make the refs throw 50 flags a game. Bring back Greg Davis offense for 40 a game, idgaf. win.
  5. It's a way to keep the socioeconomic hierarchy intact. Going to a university is a generational amplification of the opportunity to generate income... And for some reason, it seems our society rather keep people from getting there easily, as if it's a zero sum game.
  6. And for the last three years, Dusty has been kicking Seattle, too.
  7. But not enough to too get the FG unit on and execute a kick unless you're TCU. KC was out of timeouts. Anything other than a play OOB ends the game.
  8. This is weird... I didn't realize there were this many Cincinnati Bengals / Jor Burrow fans on this site. I thought Burrow and Ossai played excellently. They both made base plays to end the game. Burrow's grounding was a bad mental mistake, as was Ossai's PF, just at different times. Both in crunch time. #35 for the Chiefs was terrible in coverage all first half and into the 2nd half. I believe he got benched and the Chiefs defense got better. Jones was amazing. Kelce is a madman. Refs were struggling, whether intentional or not. Get them brain warmers next time. Good game.
  9. And for 8 years, Seattle has been kicking themselves.
  10. I understood your post and agree. I'm not communicating well today. I was being tongue in cheek about sticking it to Fox by not watching and to the big 12 by not going to away games.
  11. Ossai is gonna need a therapist. That's pain.
  12. Difficult for me to offer a different perspective via short Internet posts...
  13. Altuve needed to change his number to 34.
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