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  1. No. It falls on genetics and upbringing... A coach can only maximize / optimize what a player will bring. There is a reason only certain players go play for Kelvin Sampson. I'm not convinced all of these dudes would... Having said that, I liked how they played last night. That shows me what they can do. The coach has to keep them at the level consistently. THAT is on him.
  2. Wouldn't they only rule on the question before them? (I don't know exactly what that is.) Why would they interject and make a ruling they weren't asked about? Is this a thing? Wouldn't that pretty much be the Judicial becoming the Legislative and Executive? Oooooooh...
  3. "So, let me get this straight. If you all say he's right, I have total immunity, right? Clarence, I want you to be 100% certain Ginny agrees with this. Trust me, I'll be fine with either outcome."
  4. So... Find the 6th seed that shouldn't be a 6 playing the 11 that should be higher.
  5. Because 'paying attention' is pointless unless you're truly undecided. I only 'pay attention' to CR when it comes to politics. Otherwise, I have an actual life to live and voting is in November.
  6. Dammit. I only have the individual RCA couplers!
  7. Didn't Putin make fun of them (us) for allowing the gays to openly be gays? That probably did it.
  8. My next move is a place in Central America. I just need to accelerate the pace of my suspiciousness so I can love it or leave it.
  9. I hate this thread. I have so many cables, adapters, plugs, cords taking up space in drawers and boxes. Who doesn't need a YRGB? Well, I have five of them just in case I fire up an old DVD player This weekend, I shall take a picture of the shit I'm throwing away.
  10. 154 - 100 due not change the outcome, other than make it closer. This illustrates my point. Your last paragraph is probably where it's at... "You People better do what's best for you, because we don't have to worry about it. If things don't go your way, don't blame us." Everyone should be concerned about face eating... I guess you can fake it when they come to eat your face.
  11. You described exactly what I was asking. But didn't answer why the assignment is (falsely) put on a group that doesn't really have the numbers to move the needle.
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