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  1. I want the muthatucka that's going to make plays. Consistently. There are thousands of talented players who don't work hard, don't play hard, aren't good teammates, and never do dick. They're consistent. Players play.
  2. That was average hands and superb concentration.
  3. What if the defender took over the route then high pointed the ball? That would mean great defense was played. Yay.
  4. Been saying... Dude is prepping for the combine, not the game.
  5. Not true. New employee stepping up a level doesn't usually get the hot projects and opportunities... Even when highly recruited.
  6. Get in the muthafucka right now... Of course, that will be enough to get him to play elsewhere...
  7. "I hope some of you muthafuckas do get in tha muthatucka!" Narrarator: Some did. Some did not
  8. I've been blaming you for NOT doing them for the last decade... Tell you what, if you can put up a mudhole post that guarantees we lose to Bama by 6 TDs, but win all the other games, I'll fight everybody who gives you shit about it... I'm here for the bigger picture.
  9. For what? Who are you trying to sit every day? Yuli? Tucker?
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