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  1. These threads are always fun, Fatty getting dunked on repeatedly by multiple posters from various backgrounds and with different dunking styles all coming together to just dunk repeatedly. Then you get some of the posters noted for being actually rich and wealthy doing the same and he goes back to his ball gargling routine. I'm sure Fatty would suck a dick to move up a class bracket.
  2. This is the way. Keep an eye on the rear view just in case someone if going faster than me and move over as needed. I prefer not having to watch both sides when possible for jacakasses merging into me.
  3. It works though, all those ones just south of Dallas on I35 saying Buccees 74 miles, Buccees 73 miles, Buccees 72 miles had us googling to figure out which one they were talking about. Best guess was Fort Worth or Terrell. Denton and Melissa a little too far.
  4. @workswithseed you ok? Can you check in?
  5. Better not see a fucking pass this drive
  6. Great fucking timing dumbass, maybe scroll up and see how big of shithead his dad is and think maybe the kid would have been better off never even knowing his dad.
  7. Wet like the wings at your local hooters where you should be hanging out with your bros 24/7! Fuck spending time with a wife or girlfriend, alpha males only spend time with alpha males!!
  8. Oddly enough after reading this thread yesterday my kids decided they wanted DQ for dinner last night so I was like sure, it's been a while since I had a dude sandwich. But this new item caught my eye and I got it instead, it's basically just the regular jalitos ranch burger, but on Texas toast. Was pretty tasty, paired it with some onion rings because I think their fries are pretty meh. Would get again.
  9. If having one dad in the house can prevent mass shootings, imagine what could be accomplished with two dads in the house!
  10. Thought this was going to be a thread about Son-In-Law
  11. Yeah was there recently and a combo burrito is over $4 now, that's a little steep for a beef and bean burrito.
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