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  1. Hey y’all - have five seats in Section 8, row 70. Have a buddy that’s looking to find another somewhere in the same area. Shoot me a bit if anyone knows of a single that’s up for grabs anywhere. thanks!
  2. Checking back here for the first time since Saturday morning… WVU tickets still up for grabs. Now open to taking considerably less than $100/seat. $65/per or best offer. Any takers?
  3. Looking to sell two tickets to UT-WVU game. The seats are lower bowl - Section 8, Row 70, 13-14. They’re high enough up the bowl so that they’re in the shade from the overhang no matter what time kickoff is. Close to beer lines, concessions, bathrooms, exit ramp, etc. thinking $100 each, but flexible.
  4. I jumped on -6.5 for exactly that reason. No doubt it goes above a td if there are even rumors of Quinn starting. Feel like it most likely will regardless
  5. More or less what I had been hoping/expecting re: Quinn’s timeline. Get him back for WVU so that he can get live reps. Make sure that he’s good to go health wise for OU sucks and not coming back straight off the bench
  6. They might never spend enough to sign multiple perennial all stars to fat contract in one offseason again with hal running the show. But the yanks will never ever be anywhere close to being the national feel good story of the year
  7. I’d only be slightly less pissed off was called roughing the passer. It was a strong form tackle. Did their face masks hit? Sure. But it was a clean, properly leveled sack
  8. Not an expert on Harlem by any means, but been to Red Roosted a couple years ago and it was great (good call @Brisketexan)
  9. Well this news is a bummer. Huge turn from this afternoon
  10. #60. AL leader in all triple crown categories Pay that man however much he wants for however long he wants
  11. Sure that’s true, but I think the point others are making is that every guy (especially the ones that would be thinking of jumping early) could bring in tens, hundreds of thousands, or a million plus, to stay another year
  12. If you’ll have a car, and don’t mind a drive (prob a bit longer than an hour) into NY, people go nuts for Storm King. Outdoor art museum/exhibits with giant sculptures, etc. very instagram-able https://stormking.org
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