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  1. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cnh_BHBB4U4/?igshid=NDk5N2NlZjQ= Dayum.
  2. Just letting that sink in...our likely opening day starter could be our playoff #3 by the time October rolls around. And not because of mid-season acquisitions. Insane.
  3. That was Buddy Garrity, right?
  4. Nkunku is fantastic, and hopefully will be back at that level post injury. But he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy that plays as the #9 tip of the spear, but rather in one of the 3 spots behind that #9. Modern tactics are fluid though, so who the hell knows.
  5. Lol Arse. Would have preferred the 100 million be spent elsewhere, but still, this is hilariously like Willian all over again.
  6. If you asked me at the start of the season where Chelsea was strongest, I would have said in attacking mid/wings. And that was reinforced during the World Cup with how Ziyech and Pulisic performed. But that seems to be all Boehly and company care about addressing. We now will have Pulisic, Ziyech, Sterling, Mount, Felix, Murdyk. You could arguably even add Havertz and Nkunku to the list, as they are more in the mold of a second striker/false 9. Yes I get that some are injured right now. Meanwhile our midfield and defense continues to be woeful under Potter, with no spatter apparent reinforcements on the horizon...
  7. The Correa saga this off-season has just been weird. I don't recall him ever missing time in the majors because of the ankle. If anything, this whole situation likely demonstrates the hidden power that INSURANCE COMPANIES have over athlete contracts...I'm betting the major insurance carriers refused to insure Correa's 10+ year deals with SF and NYM because they thought the ankle will deteriorate in the future...I have serious doubts this was caused just by some team doctors raising alarms to ownership during a physical.
  8. APMP

    USMNT 2023

    Of course Surly has a man on the inside, awesome.
  9. I'm around Rice, Med Center, and West U.
  10. So how'd you find the unicorn doc? I hear I might not even have to pay extra!
  11. Enzo has the potential to be the best Chelsea midfielder since Lampard. He'd be worth every penny.
  12. Looking for a rec for a go-to doctor in Houston. Could be a GP or a specialist who could serve in that kind of role. First order of business will be getting a physical, as I just turned 40 and it feels like it's time.
  13. Took Haaland less than 10 minutes to score against Liverpool lol.
  14. Plenty of options to keep warm in that household lol
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