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  1. I'll try to live up to the confidence you've shown in me.
  2. A draft where you (should, if captains want a cakewalk to the playoffs) get picked earlier if you suck. Rejoice.
  3. Has the league been renewed yet?
  4. The pitch was not ideal for batting, but it wouldn't explain the extent of England's collapse. I think a lot of it also had to do with India's spin dominance and England's lack of experience playing in such conditions. It got away from England at the end of Day 2 when they couldn't make their dominant position count.
  5. The talk in here about Yordan batting leadoff is giving me flashbacks to all of the handwringing and hairpulling in here about Springer/Altuve batting leadoff. Yeah we maximize plate appearances, but every solo homer is another 50 message board posts about it.
  6. He's too damn strong to be hitting grounders to short every time. Hopefully simplifying things will help.
  7. APMP


    Yeah Himalaya, London Sizzler, and Shiv Sagar all being in the same strip mall makes for maybe my favorite go-to location in the Gandhi District. Definitely try Shiv Sagar if you haven't, best Indian chaat-type food ("snacks", but loose translation as portions can be plenty big) in town.
  8. Man this is some series for Jaiswal aka Jazzball.
  9. That's the big question, especially because 4th innings Ashwin was likely going to be the lead bowler. I'm expecting an earlier than usual (before tea) declaration from India so that the weakened bowling crew has enough time to get 10 wickets. Or India could screw it up again and be all out before lunch... who knows.
  10. Dude's supposed to be in Indy for the celebrity game that starts in 45 min.
  11. Put on your big boy pants and bowl better, this is far from done.
  12. I was at the JS game where Johnny Moonshot hit 2 bombs. But Mr. Moonshot never appeared again. His biggest contribution the rest of the season was taking that walk in the playoffs. So as great a story as JS success would be, I wouldn't bet on it.
  13. APMP


    Oh man where to start, there's so many good Indian places in Houston. Subscribed. In the past month, I've enjoyed Egg Mania, Bombay Brasserie, Shiv Sagar,...
  14. I think the way to beat playoff KC is to have a freak at QB that can match Mahomes crazy throw for crazy throw. We got that, the rest is up to gameplanning and luck... KC needed several lucky bounces, including a punt careening off the back of a blocker, to pull out the win on Sunday.
  15. If you skip the COVID season weirdness, that'd be Altuve's lowest OPS since 2015. Projections are conservative and they're factoring in age-related regression possibility, but I'd happily bet the over on that number if Jose is healthy.
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