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  1. The Arizona DL is a large human being. Just saw him at The Four Seasons lobby. Send me $9.95 and I’ll tell you what shirt he was wearing. And Jay Toia is also here, and looks like he has an unpleasant disposition.
  2. This is our program under Sark. He’s able to clear Austin traffic for recruits.
  3. Is there a type of American cheese that isn’t processed?
  4. How about my mental is better than your absolute horrible human being?
  5. Well, we do know that if there’s going to be a Republican Civil War, Donald Trump will give one hell of a Gettysburg Address.
  6. I guess Tapp doesn't work well with an "all gas, no brakes" program. I'll show myself out.
  7. So if they made Schindler's List today, it would be set in the early 70s?
  8. 47,000 Sooner fans ain't showing up to see Brent Venables standing on the sidelines.
  9. Why wouldn't Linklater still have it set in 1976?
  10. One the one hand, this inability to govern and push through some critical foreign aid to Ukraine is fucking frustrating. On the other hand, the MAGA cannibalism is quite entertaining.
  11. I agree. It does seem baffling. Maybe that Rudy was always lurking under the surface, or maybe he had been doing batshit crazy things for decades that never made the press. But Rudy v. The Mafia and Rudy v. Wall Street in the 1980s, and 9/11 Rudy, were commendable, even though not immune from criticism. This guy? This guy is a fucking joke of a human being.
  12. You fucks better not water your lawns or wash your cars tomorrow.
  13. Your honor, the State would like to strike Juror Locodos.
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