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  1. Would be a huge pickup for _uke.
  2. I don’t think there will be much belt tightening with the Elko regime.
  3. Texas A&M QB commit AJ Maddox is no longer entertaining getting invites for other visits.
  4. High school coaches have been texting Billy Luicci raving about the possibility of hiring Alex Grinch as DC.
  5. Given the fan revolt at the thought of hiring Mark Stoops, I'm surprised the Klein hire went through after Luicci was testing the waters with his rubes yesterday.
  6. Kaffee : Doctor, was there any sign of violence? Lt. Weinberg : You mean other than the dead body? Kaffee : Shit. I walk into that every goddamn time!
  7. This screams like a guy who will relate perfectly to recruits.
  8. I was raised watching his shows. What a life well lived.
  9. Translation: We're hiring a guy who won't be able to beat Texas.
  10. I'm good with this. You could make an argument for Applewhite/Simms at No. 5 and Brown at No. 6 if you're just looking at career numbers. But Brown balled out in one of the best games in Texas history (and of current relevance, helped us win the first Big XII title as we just won the last one as a member of the conference), and while Major and Chris were keys in some big victories, none were as significant as the 1996 Nebraska game.
  11. Well, if aggy can somehow face Maalik Murphy in all of their regular season games next year, I see no way they get left out of the college football playoff.
  12. Luicci: The Big XII is rancid. Luicci: We got Collin Klein!
  13. I’d slum with Amy Adams any day.
  14. You should probably make sure your will is up to date before you leave.
  15. Holy shit, is Elko going to be the aggy Charlie Strong?
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