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  1. I agree. It's a keeper no matter what. I just want to know for shits and grins. Such an even-playing guitar. Love it! I love the story behind guitars. I don't need a golden era guitar, despite how incredibly awesome some of them are. I just want something I've bonded with and can keep for a lifetime. That one's mine. I love the story and relationship with the instrument. The understanding.
  2. I asked over there in response to a slightly old post. We'll see what it yields.
  3. Okay, I have a question for the Surly Guitar Sleuths. I have an old ES335. I bought it from Guitar Resurrection in 1996. It was billed as a 1969, and I took them at their word. It was perfect and still mostly is perfect apart from the time I was pulling it over my shoulder and put the headstock into the ceiling fan. Just a chip, which I now claim with stupid pride. Anyway, by the serial number (9009xx), it's a 1970, but there are some indications that it might be earlier. First, it has the orange sticker in the bass side cutout/f-hole. Those stopped around 1969. There's no "Made in the USA" stamped into the back of the headstock under the matching stamped serial number, something that began in 1970. More interestingly, the "Gibson" logo on the headstock has an undotted "i," and the "b" and "o" are open, which is largely a 1969 feature. There is a tiny volute in the neck, and I can't tell if it's a 3-piece neck because of the walnut finish. I haven't looked at the pickups, but I suspect they are Patent Number-Black Sticker. No idea if it has the shorter tenon. Lastly, I haven't snaked anything in there to see if I can see date codes on the pots, but that would be somewhat helpful. It's a great guitar. And it's not going anywhere. So what year it is doesn't really matter apart from my curiosity. Probably what's often referred to as a 1969/70. But until I have anything definite, I'm calling it a 1970 for now. Thoughts?
  4. It doesn't get out much and mostly lives in a locked closet with the guns I inherited. I'll see if I can remedy that this weekend.
  5. LG-0 has ladder bracing as well. Mine is super checked and I leave the strings loose when I'm not using it because there's some pull on the bridge. I've got the original chip board case though. My uncle gave it to me, and it's the guitar I learned on in the late 80s. So I keep it around for nostalgia's sake.
  6. Wow, that looks to be in great shape. I have a 1962 LG-0. I'm assuming this is one louder, but what's the difference in the LG-x guitars? Nevermind, I googled it. Although there is some confusion on what kind of top the LG-1 has depending on who you ask. Looks like they're basically the same guitar, but for the finish on the LG-1. Either that, or it's a spruce top versus mahogony on the LG-0.
  7. dcbc


    That sounds cool, but Let's Stay Together on vinyl is $17.05 on Amazon right now. Is the one you got a special pressing?
  8. The username seems a bit incongruous in light of the Ultra as well. But that steak looks tasty.
  9. I've watched a lot of videos of him explaining how the songs are played, etc. He's pretty lucid, if not a bit high. I think what we're seeing here is someone who appreciates his guitar collection, but spends more time playing them than thinking about the details of the history. I noticed some of the things you mentioned too though.
  10. Nothing Fender sounds like a Brownface Deluxe. Sounds cool. You go first.
  11. Apples and oranges, but I ran into that when I owned a Princeton Reverb. Beautiful cleans, but ratty fizzy breakup. I had it modified to change the way the preamp tubes clipped and eventually sold it because I liked my Deluxe Reverb loads more. Good luck.
  12. What's wrong with the OD? I assume you mean that the amp is driving okay, but the guitar just doesn't sound as good as your StratPlus. Have you tried it through the normal channel (a little hotter on that amp, if I recall correctly). Bridged the channels? Fiddled with the tone knobs on the amp and guitar? Do the tone knobs on the 6g4 behave like they do on the 5f4, where the treble is basically a drive knob?
  13. I don't have Paramount+, but I've caught some of it, which I declared to be funny as hell.
  14. I predict it's going to be pretty funny. We shall see.
  15. Not for nothin', but she apparently brought two coats. John is wearing one of them. But otherwise, yeah, she famously sucks.
  16. When we were Antigua on our honeymoon, Grilled Cheese with tomatoes was a menu staple and is delicious. Did I miss something? Is Whataburger doing grilled cheese again?
  17. I'll preface this with the fact that I'm not a big Yoko fan. But that picture probably was snapped as she glanced over behind the band and the cameraman back there or people who were walking down the stairs (out of frame) to that area. Or maybe she's thinking I can't believe it's 45 degrees out here and John took my coat. In any event, here's one where she's watching the band.
  18. That's why . . . you always leave a note.
  19. I caught this last night. Good stuff. I saw this food in the zoo. The gorillas were throwing it at each other.
  20. dcbc

    Meet an inmate

    It's all so clear now
  21. dcbc

    Meet an inmate

    Definitely has daddy issues. And fetal alcohol syndrome. If those eyes were any farther apart, she'd be a rabbit.
  22. dcbc

    Meet an inmate

    Quoted for truth. I'm laughing so hard, my dogs are looking at me funny. Well done, all.
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