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  1. More accurately . . .
  2. Don't sleep on the low profile down firing subs. We had one for a while (Yamaha, now discontinued), and it did pretty well for taking the load off the bookshelf speakers. Something like that likely would be a discrete (stick it under the console if you like) way to get the most out of whatever speakers you get.
  3. Roughly $90k per day and counting.
  4. https://news.bloomberglaw.com/bankruptcy-law/sandy-hook-families-vote-to-liquidate-alex-jones-bankrupt-estate
  5. I believe the words you're looking for are Villa Capri. Also, I like where this is headed. Link
  6. The offered him $50 (for his watch) and promised him free hamburders. And he, unsurprisingly, had nothing better to do.
  7. Go buy the filtered water bottles from the grocery store. Run those for a week. See if its consistently good. If so, that's your x-factor.
  8. Are you the family that beat the Frogers on Pig in a Poke? Enjoy the trip!
  9. He and mypillow guy are more similar than different.
  10. @immamac, can we get this funneled into Burnt Ends somehow?
  11. On a typical monetary judgment, a supercedeas bond prevents collection on the judgment while on appeal. Since this is a civil penalty, I don't know how NY state law handles it.
  12. Maybe he had to pawn his truth account. I hear that in Philadelphia, it's worth fifty bucks.
  13. Is something no longer undefeated? Asking for a few friends.
  14. Based on what I've been made to understand, it's damned near a prosecutorial tradition. A more high profile example.
  15. But one of the defendants in this case is a former government official who, at least once, hired someone to fuck him, then got caught paying her for her silence. Fani ought to hold herself to a higher standard, I'd certainly agree. But removing her from the case? Nah.
  16. Yeah, but when is anything going to happen? What's taking so long?????? [emoji1787] Also, I hope he's thinking that had he just been able to take a little joke at that White House Correspondents' Dinner, he could have been a relatively rich game show host with few headaches and fewer legal issues, especially of the criminal variety. Lesson definitely not learned though.
  17. I think he finally got kicked out of congress.
  18. I prefer to think of it as neoadjuvant chemotherapy. It interferes with Trump's ability to do more damage while destroying the unseen, potential for damage not yet irreversible. Once we have him cornered, we cut him out. No need to turn to crystals until the real weapons fail.
  19. That litter box is going to suck royally to clean out.
  20. New metaphor. Trump is like syphilis. Discuss.
  21. Fuck all cancer, both actual and metaphorical.
  22. It's not my metaphor. And I'm not going to lump myself in with the "brightest legal minds," nor am I "thrilled" that this sort of thing takes time since I, like you, and other seemingly like-minded people, believe this to be an awful problem these criminals are for the survival of our country. I want to see unlubed justice applied with vigor and without pity as soon as possible. With that said, I am more familiar than many with how this sort of thing works, particularly on the appellate side of the coin. And on that end, it appears to me to be moving with more exigency than I would have expected or for which I could have hoped. I understand that it's frustrating and infuriating nonetheless. But forgive my saying so, if you think this is slow, you ain't seen slow. The rule of law path lacks the immediacy of the murderous rampage path (as Brisket noted). But I suppose if I'm going down, I'm going down with lady justice. It's the path I've chosen.
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