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  1. Yea I'm looking for the 2024 blast furnace thread because I have some problems with you people and now you're gonna hear about it. I see a high of 88 in dfw next Monday, which last time I checked was still February. I already told my wife we are xeriscaping if we have another summer like the previous 2.
  2. I always thought the best time to have life insurance was when you were making all your money. After you have made the bulk of it, you don't need it anymore. Life insurance in my eyes was always money for my family if I didn't have the time to provide it for them. Now it makes no sense for me to get it. Plus I've seen too many 48 hours mysteries to ever get more than a few 100k on a policy.
  3. My wife always makes fun of me when the Notebook comes on how we always end up watching it.
  4. For me this is indirect vs direct. People blamed the violence in video games for school shootings which may or may not be true. Sora is directly assaulting truth as we know it.
  5. Imagine how happy the entire nation of North Korea is going to be winning every world cup from now on. Great times.
  6. Immamac, you are giving the human race way too much credit. We are not smart enough to live with this technology peacefully. It's not tin foil hat, it's one of the final nails in the coffin.
  7. Yea for the next few weeks you are probably right. Now say the same thing 10 months from now when version 3.0 comes out, let alone 5 years down the road. I will say I'm happy with this tech for the new video game I'm making. Cut scenes and what not.
  8. We had a significant % of the population who believed in porn rings inside a pizza hut just by reading some texts and taking it for gospel. Now they will get first hand accounts from Joe Biden on exactly that.
  9. I just looked at the recent state polls of Wisc Penn Mich Georgia and I am not encouraged at all. Inflation/cost of living is a huge Biden problem where most voters either dont care or dont want to understand inflation was due to COVID stimulus, war and other supply chain issues. As a country, we absolutely deserve everything we get if Trump is elected again. My only hope are the polls this cycle arent accounting for Swifties and young pro-choice women much like the 2016 cycle didnt account for hatred, racism and fear from a significantly larger percentage of white people than previously thought. Hoping the 18-30 year old crowd votes in greater numbers than ever before is a record Ive listened to many times and we all know how that turns out. "Heil Trump" I guess. As a white male, Ill put up the good fight in 2028 when only our votes are counted.
  10. Enjoyed the game. No meaningful football until August. Always a gut punch. Nfl draft, march madness and the Olympics to hold me over.
  11. For me thats why doing something and making at least a little money per year is enticing, post retirement. A 5.5% return vs a 6% return is huge over 40 years. Same with inflation assumptions. To mitigate that risk and offset the difference, making 5k a year putting out Youtube videos for olds seems kinda cool for me. Or renting out a house for the summer, or dog sitting, or something that makes your projected retirement curve infinitely more appealing. When I do my numbers, I normally default to a 3% greater return than inflation and usually settle on 2.5% inflation and a 5.5% return on investment. Right now my curve gives me peace even with multiple adverse scenarios.
  12. Wife and I watched this a couple nights ago. We liked it. I have a new found respect for Lionel Ritchie after seeing it. Dude had quite a 24 hours that day they made it.
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