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  1. You will be seeing Dr Derka today for your stomach pain. On Tuesdays, he does taxes.
  2. I tried over the weekend to get on numerous times. Always at full capacity and to check back later. Am I doing something wrong. Also using Chrome didn't work for me as it got stuck verifying my account. Had to use another engine to get past that part
  3. I don't care what she looks like. Why would you ever take your girlfriend with you to Thailand.
  4. Jerry Jones + Dak Prescott + Tom Brady + SF 49ers = no fucking shot at even the NFC championship. Im telling you right now, we dont stand a chance. This isnt reverse psychology. We straight up arent going to win the next 2 games. Dont kid yourselves or entertain any thought otherwise.
  5. We just can't have a coach named Terry. I will search 'put it in reverse Terry ' every time I see the name. Like now.
  6. My first thought is the American public is paying these idiots their salaries to sit there and do this all day. But for me personally I'll gladly pay my part of $0.15 to watch this shit show a few more days/weeks.
  7. I was seriously the 4th grade crypto champion at my elementary school growing up. The other finalist said he had a headache that day but I know it was bullshit. He was scared to play me.
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