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  1. I'm keeping a log of why I traded when I did and what my thinking was. Really just learning and researching to get experience. So far this year I have been pretty happy with myself and my choices. All I wrote this morning was "I am an idiot sandwich"
  2. They don't understand the problems and pressures 54 million comes with.
  3. When I was a teenager my friends and I called the NC-17 sticker on movies the seal of approval.
  4. You can store your bitcoin in a wallet on your computer. I think.
  5. Crypto has never experienced a true recession before . Covid was a shock to the economy and not what we are seeing now. Should be interesting.
  6. Have a pretty big limit buy set at 380.75 for SPY again. At the very least I think we go back up to 385 to see if we actually close in a bear market. That will be huge. I'll sell there if it looks shaky. Also all of yalls stonks basically follow the spy anyway. At least this year. You all keep tempting me with uuuu and uec. These 2 for sure just pop right when spy does if not slightly before hand. I'll stick with what has worked for me but man 10%-30% jumps are nice too. Just have to sell them quick. Spy 370 is next if we close below 384.
  7. This thread is going to be tough to pull up to our minimum surly standards. Honestly I dont think we can do it. Or maybe we can. What the fuck do I know.
  8. Someone tell me how to think. So this is good for us and college football right?
  9. Oh look, a white guy in his 50s and/or in his teens.
  10. Spy 430 ish is when I sell this latest run (or if my trailing stop loss hits) . I agree we have not had capitulation but that may not come until next year. Still kicking myself for not putting in more at 380. I bought a fair amount but I originally had a much bigger buy ready but I pussied out as is per the norm for me. I will say I am taking on much more risk than I have previously and am up high single digits in my money market account since January of this year just following and betting on big resistance points.
  11. Most democrats don't believe republicans will stoop that low. Fighting fire with fire is not in the democratic playbook. It's why they lose. See Supreme Court.
  12. We just had our first neighborhood garage sale since before covid. Nothing priced over $10 sold. Made like 70 dollars sitting out there for 4 hours. It sucked and was not worth my time. Took pictures of our higher end items no one looked at and put them on Facebook marketplace. Made 800 dollars in 72 hours. Tldr- having a garage sale gave me just enough push to take some pictures
  13. Russia wants Viktor Bout. Not sure how I feel about that. And does she get to skip the other wrongfully detained Americans in Russia?
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