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  1. Best cup I've had in my life was at the bar in a Barcelona hotel. I would go down every morning while my wife slept and sip an Americano. They were unreal, just the perfect cup of Joe. Haven't matched it since, anywhere.
  2. Of course it's pretty much written in stone we won't host this year, so 3 of 7. I think next year will be an incredible wild card season -- if we can compete in the SEC and actually host a regional, then all (most) is forgiven in my mind.
  3. There's a drum fill in that song that bends my brain. Somehow it twists out of something like 16th notes to triplet 16ths. I rewound that damn thing about 15 times trying to count it out and just gave up. Plus, the Nine Inch Nails vibes are strong. Here's the fill I'm talking about:
  4. If a band puts out a great album, are they really "past their prime"?
  5. The Karen vibes are strong to very strong:
  6. It really brews a great cup of coffee. Plus, coffee girl.
  7. @RayDog Last post of his I see is a bit over 3 years old, but I'm not exactly adept at searching surly.
  8. Uh, what? We've hosted 3 times under *Pierce, and advanced every time. This year will mark the 3rd time we will head to another regional. We've advanced to a Super Regional 4 times, and won 3 of them to advance to Omaha. There's really no reason to make our post-season efforts under Piece look any worse than they are.
  9. I don't mind that cover of "Love Vigilantes" at all. It highlights the hallmark of a great song -- you can sing it to a simple guitar or piano part and it works. Fantastic melody, so damn catchy.
  10. I’m a fan. Met Pescado Rojo there once for their all-night happy hour (Monday) a couple years back near his birthday. Because I’m a swell guy, I said “it’s your birthday, I’m buying” (hey, happy hour prices, I’ll get out easy here). Both of us are serious oyster-eating coonasses. The night cost me like $180. Goddammit. 18 months and 4 posts since the first time you regaled us with details of your hookup. At least the story didn't change.
  11. Anyone have the post-B12 tournament RPI rating of the 'horns on a yearly basis under Pierce? That might offer a little perspective.
  12. He was driving a car I had loaned him. It was a total junker, but I still remember the call his wife made to me that morning, she was so worried about the totaled car. Nobody cares about a car. Top 5 worst phone calls I've ever received. He was sick with cancer. He was probably going to make it, but his little girl? Devastating.
  13. This is why I think there should be a minimum IQ requirement to vote. It wouldn't be perfect, but it would help.
  14. Holy shit, there are TWO of them?
  15. That interview with Jimmy Chamberlin is the best Beato interview I've seen yet. For one thing, Rick stayed out of it, at least for the most part. Jimmy is incredibly insightful, articulate, and studied. Honestly, he's probably my favorite rock drummer of all time. Watching his little "master class" at the end revealed something to this non-drummer that I never realized: despite displaying a heaviness that is nearly unrivaled, he's a jazz guy at heart. Watch his left foot. He's keeping quarter note time on the hihat almost always. He does his cymbal work almost exclusively on the ride. Those are so characteristic of a jazz player, and in the preceding hour, it's very very clear he has studied all the greats, from Elvin Jones to Gene Krupa to Tony Williams and on to the rock guys. His insight into finding what the song needs as opposed to cramming what he wants to play into the song should be burned into the minds of every young drummer. And, he's clean. Well done, Jimmy. We almost lost you. What a shame that would have been.
  16. jimmyjazz


    That's a blast from the past. I used to go to Mezzaluna quite a bit. Not the greatest Italian food in history, but among the best in Austin at the time. Definite late-80's early-90's vibe, though.
  17. A couple of additional questions: -- anybody know anything about The Argonaut Hotel? It's close to Fisherman's Wharf and Ghirardelli Square. We'll still probably do a couple of nights at The Presidio (Lodge). Argonaut -- it looks like we might try to catch a night at Lake Tahoe. All things equal, we'd prefer to stay on the California side. Any recommendations for which towns are best to visit or stay in?
  18. I stopped blanking out license plates on posted photos a while back. They're visible to everyone in traffic, what is the privacy issue?
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