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  1. Checking in . . . hour 84 to the minute. Yay, Austin.
  2. Gray area there, but imagine even making that argument with the average MAGAt and watching their eyes glaze over.
  3. Guess I'll just stay here at the office and get more work done. Happy Saturday to me. Furk.
  4. It's a solid strategy. We've now had (checks wiki) 55 mass shootings in the first 32 days of 2023. I was no math major, but my ballpark estimate says that amounts to 1.71875 mass shootings per day. It's a stone cold lock -- we will never be able to talk about mass shootings because 1.71875 mass shootings are happening every day. It's science! Er, math! Whatever
  5. Completely fucked on streaming DirecTV ESPN2. Score? Headed to the car to listen to Craig I guess.
  6. I'm hardly aware of the profit/loss nature of the job, but I have to believe the early and overwhelming success of crowds at the Moody Center will play into BMD's willingness to pony up whatever buyout is necessary for Oats or anyone else. I seriously doubt anyone is out of the conversation at this point.
  7. Let's put our big brains together and figure out the potential risk from covid vaccines as compared to the covid virus: Dead Americans from covid: 1.1M Dead Americans from covid vaccine: Bueller? Bueller? Anybody have that number?
  8. Not until 12 Blindergarteners die in a Lincoln Log collapse.
  9. Seems kinda shitty to re-date options on existing loans. I'm not in the business, though, maybe this is common.
  10. I'm understandably grumpy about tech compensation after a company for which I was literally the first engineer subsequently IPO'ed and eventually slogged our way through big money headwinds (they exist) to turn an annual profit if it hadn't been for . . . c-suite bonuses.
  11. Good lord, it took me (grumble grumble) X years to hit that pay as principal engineer and reluctant department manager.
  12. Yeah, I have my own (mostly negative) thoughts about Rodney Terry getting the permanent job, but it's just not possible to do anything but root for these guys. Whatever happens, happens. "Oh no, we made the Final Four!" Nope, I'd be happy as a pig in shit.
  13. 250K since "the start of 2022" has a lot of wiggle room. I'm also not sure that $130K makes sense as average salary -- if amazon is laying off warehouse employees, is that a "tech layoff"? Not disputing, just asking questions. For a friend.
  14. I haven't followed the tech layoffs save for a few headline stories -- are 250K workers and $130K average compensation correct numbers industry-wide?
  15. It's one thing to argue whether or not chili can contain beans. (Texas Red most certainly doesn't.) It's another thing to ignore the thread title -- "Chili w/o-beans". Regardless, I'd eat that, especially in the dark because my power has been out for 55 hours and counting.
  16. This is exactly why I push back on all the "woe is me" bullshit I see in the Texas threads. Yeah, I don't want Rodney Terry as our permanent coach any more than the rest of you, but I'm not so stupid as to want us to fail. First place in conference and a decent chance of holding it? A decent chance at a 3-4 seed? Man, we haven't seen that in forever. I'll take the "consequences".
  17. Brian Johnson comes across as a good working class stiff who happens to be worth probably $100M or more.
  18. Have any of you run into a guitar/amp combo that JUST DOESN"T WORK? My Vox "Tony Bruno" combo is crapping out. Probably a power tube, I haven't taken it in yet. I borrowed my buddy's Fender Deluxe Reverb in the meantime. It sounds fantastic with my G&L ASAT Tribute Bluesboy Tele, almost better than the Vox. I broke a string in rehearsal the other night, so I grabbed my Warmoth partscaster strat and plugged in . . . oof. A terrible match. I just couldn't get it to sing at all. Must be the pickups.
  19. I can't imagine that. Can you imagine not being a pathological liar?
  20. That sucks. Sorry to hear it. Any differences between the two (besides the higher floor)?
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