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  1. I don't follow Texas high school football, but I went to the game at DKR when Lee played Westlake. Cedric was a beast that day, and Huston Street seemed in on almost every tackle. It was fairly comical, but that guy hung in and did his best as the last line of defense. I used to see Ced fairly often at the gas station where Dry Creek hits 2222. He was almost shy. Interesting dude, and a helluva football player. The highlights above bring back a ton of memories.
  2. Also, they still have a sign on the wall saying they'll cook your meat for $1/lb. Bring them a brisket, pork butt, whatever, and the next day you'll get it back in all its smoky goodness. Now THAT'S a bargain. Call first.
  3. $11.75 on Tuesdays:
  4. HEB's whole "Mi Tienda" line of products is kind of game-changing. We regularly eat the refried beans and par-cooked flour tortillas, and the list is growing. Well done, Butts.
  5. I'm sure as hell not shoulder-checking you.
  6. That's ridiculous. Practically speaking, you're probably correct, but it's not an impossibility that (for instance) Iowa wins.
  7. Sure, but I strongly believe that won't trump their victory over Oregon State. For one thing, the UO-TTech game was eons ago. Half of them won't even remember it.
  8. I seriously doubt it. The committee has already spoken -- they think Oregon's resume was better than ours prior to last weekend's games. They pummeled a ranked team, we pummeled an unranked team. Why would they move us ahead of the Ducks?
  9. I've quoted you a bunch, and yet you aggressively rip me until you realize you're being a hypocrite, again. Then you disappear. "One guy". "this thread is full of people" Thoughts?
  10. Probably a big deal to a lot of you finance guys . . . part of the Buffett clan. 99 years old. Charlie Munger dead
  11. Do you understand "one guy"? They're your words. Can you address them?
  12. My go-to at Delaware, before they shit the bed, was the philly with provolone, onions, and double peppers (sweet + hot). That was a fine sammich.
  13. Hey hey hey, I've had a son and daughter work there, and neither is a hippie.
  14. You literally just said you were referring to "one guy". Is THAT your definition of referring to "one guy"? It's your fucking quote! "this thread is full of people talking about the heisman and calling him a Longhorn legend". Your desire to start shit exceeds mine by an order of magnitude. I wish the best for you, but man, you make it really hard sometimes.
  15. I just don't think he has the upside that Arch does. He has an arm but Arch is considerably more athletic.
  16. I leaned towards Logan's, but Bert's was probably closer to where I lived (Jester). Texadelphia was my big swingin' D date spot. Or Conan's.
  17. It ain't the T-Woman, that's for sure.
  18. Old news. They kicked Jimbo to the curb and hired Elko. Buckle up, SEC, there's a new sheriff in town.
  19. Good God, no. Worst cover ever.
  20. I first read that as "omelette" and thought "ew, gross".
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