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  1. Just another reason that we prefer the frozen boundary waters!
  2. On this day in 1974 - 50 years ago! - Two female fans streak nude through the outfield during the seventh-inning stretch. The Cardinals then gave up three runs in the bottom of the seventh and the Astros beat them 4-1.
  3. Timmy, you ever seen a grown man beg?
  4. Well. It’s all over but the crying. My kiddo was capped at Texas, but did get into Univ of Chicago, Purdue, Washington Univ, Ohio State, and A&M. Go figure. Time for her to blaze her own trail.
  5. I was still the weekend sports producer at KTRK. My night off and I dropped everything, went to work, and watched the live satellite feed while the entire city melted down.
  6. Loving it. My kids are pausing the show while in progress and taking time to explain things to me, which is helpful. After five or ten minutes, when they’re done arguing over their explanations, we move on. Great show but it’s like watching a football game with unlimited replays.
  7. My oldest receives two days of excused absences from her high school for college visits. We had to cut a college visit short yesterday and haul ass home because her softball coach replied to her email that if she missed practice Tuesday afternoon he couldn't guarantee that she'd start or play this Friday - on Senior Night.
  8. Sooner women spit the bit against Indiana. What do sooner parents tell their children that could possibly get their hopes up this high?
  9. Maybe she’s still confused and frustrated by her “feelings,” a la Sheryl Swoopes.
  10. Can someone recommend a good groomer in Dallas? Picked up my dog on Saturday and she had been nicked up and down her chest and belly. Fired them on the soot.
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