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  1. True. But we did that to ourselves by not shutting it down when we had the chance. That was my one and done in Lubbock.
  2. Drag worms as well. Never saw or heard of the Phi Delts paying two "Drag Rats" to fight one another.
  3. I'm looking forward to the day that I don't even think of them unless I happen to spot a school decal or a bumper sticker. Though I don't know why you'd be proud enough to put either on anything you owned. I voted for Baylor. I wanted to vote for Tech, but most of the misery I can associate with the Red Raiders seems to have been self-inflicted. I've despised Bible Aggie ever since the SWC gifted the 1992 game to a retiring Grant Teaff. F 'em.
  4. I've picked a song to enhance the reading experience for this thread. I crank it up to 98 decibels before taking the plunge. DMX Party Up
  5. I'm interested in one for my kid. Picked up the sport in Scouting and would like to start instructing at summer camp next year. Right handed, though. @Goofyboy I'll be in West Houston next weekend if it is still available. Thank.s
  6. I'd have paid good money for it had you just described it as a "casting couch."
  7. That go straight up on takeoff at an alarming rate if you're not ready for it.
  8. I recommend "Zero Dark Thirty." It takes a little bit of the sting out of the day. "For God and Country. Geronimo."
  9. This. Die-hard fans don't care. I love listening to people talking shit about the Astros (no CR). Winning cures all ills. *self-proclaimed and disputed
  10. It was close. I was 100% certain it was a block in the back until I watched it again. The receiver did get his right arm/shoulder just barely inside the front of the DB's left shoulder pad. It could have been called but it's not as egregious that it wasn't as I initially thought.
  11. Because you're speaking in tongues and handling the snake incorrectly?
  12. SIAP. Any speculation on the polls this week? I expect to -- at the very least -- jump Tennessee and move up 2 spots. Does Alabama drop to 11?
  13. Evan Stewart is the only thing in Evan Stewart's path to being extraordinary. Texas would be the perfect fit for him, just not vice versa. But, Herbstreit told me that was only because Miller hasn't learned he can't bounce outside and outrun lesser athletes. Nothing - zip - about Crawford taking the right angle and putting his ass on the ground. I don't think Miller took another snap, did he?
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